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    1. News
      1. 2023
        1. Smiths Interconnect awarded c2m in funding from the UK Space Agency
        2. John Crane Slough Celebrates 100 Years of Customer Service and Business Excellence
        3. UK MoD awards Smiths Detection contract to develop and supply chemical detection capability
        4. John Crane receives UK government funding for CCUS project
        5. Smiths Group plc wins Britains Most Admired Companies 2022 sector award
        6. Smiths Group Appoints James Down General Counsel
        7. Smiths Group announces launch of charitable foundation
        8. Smiths Group Plc Q3 Trading Statement
        9. Smiths plans the appointment of a new chair
        10. Smiths Group supports historic Indian moon landing
        11. Smiths Group Launches New Maternity Buddy Policy
        12. Senior leaders from the engineering sector call for further advances in gender balanced leadership
        13. Smiths Group plc Secures New London HQ
        14. Smiths Group Acquires Heating and Cooling Products
        15. Smiths Detection to transform security screening at Munich Airport with 60 3D cabin bag scanners
        16. US Department of Defense Acquires Smiths Detections Aerosol and Vapor Chemical Agent Detectors
        17. Smiths Group publishes 2023 Sustainability at Smiths Report
        18. Smiths Interconnect expands into burn-in test market with acquisition of Plastronics
        19. Delivering strong growth ahead of expectations raising FY2023 guidance
        20. Interim Results for the half year ended 31 January 2023
        21. Annual Results for the year ended 31 July 2023
        22. John Crane Bolsters Energy Transition Portfolio through Major CCUS Project
        23. Smiths Group plc – Q1 Trading Update
        24. Smiths Group Capital Markets Day 2023
        25. London Gatwicks annual passengers to speed through security with Smiths Detections 3D X-ray scanners
      2. 2022
        1. Smiths Group Releases First Sustainability at Smiths Report
        2. Smiths Group Capital Markets Day 2022
        3. Supplying Yokohama Customs with Cargo Inspection Systems
        4. Annual Results for the year ended 31 July 2022
        5. Executive Leadership Appointments
        6. Completion of Smiths Medical sale
        7. Multi-year contract won from Lockheed Martin for High Gain High Sensitivity Antenna Systems for the U.S. Navy
        8. iCMORE Currency Technology Launched
        9. Screening technology utilised at international summits
        10. Smiths Group plc Directorate Change
        11. John Crane Secures Partnership with NatureWorks
        12. De-risk of TI Group Pension
        13. Supplying TSA with CTX Explosive Detection Systems across the US
        14. Interim Results for the half year ended 31 January 2022
        15. Smiths Interconnect Technology Used in Artemis 1 Mission to Send Orion Spacecraft to the Moon
        16. Explosives Detection System Receives Approval from TSA
        17. Smiths Group Q1 Trading Statement FY2023
        18. Smiths Group Q3 Trading Statement FY2022
        19. Smiths Detection equips Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome
        20. Smiths Detection named as Official Security Equipment Provider - Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
        21. Checkpoint security screening equipment supplied to Incheon International Airport
      3. 2021
        1. automatic-detection-of-lithium-batteries-with-algorithm-for-hi-scan-screening-system
        2. university-of-maryland-successfully-deploys-bioflash-for-airborne-detection-of-sars-cov-2
        3. New global technology development centre in Bangalore to advance latest digital technologies
        4. Japan Customs and Smiths Detection to boost surveillance with state-of-the-art inspection system
        5. Annual Results for the year ended 31 July 2021
        6. UV tray disinfection technology on trial at Paris Airport
        7. new-zealand-aviation-security-service-to-introduce-uv-light-tray-disinfection
        8. Narita Airport selects UV tray disinfection technology for safer travel
        9. Contract awarded to deliver transceivers for high-throughput communication satellites
        10. Dual-view air cargo scanner Qualified by TSA for Cargo use
        11. collaborating-with-microsoft-and-heathrow-to-develop-ai-tool-to-uncover-wildlife-trafficking
        12. Smiths Group Capital Markets Event
        13. tsa-awards-$20m-contract-to-provide-explosive-detection-systems-across-the-us
        14. partnering-with-lazada-thailand-to-step-up-threat-detection-capabilities
        15. Security-screening equipment for Kuwait International Airport
        16. Helping the Hellenic Police protect southern borders
        17. us-customs-and-border-protection-contract-for-drive-through-x-ray-inspection-portals
        18. Interim Results for the half year ended 31 January 2021
        19. Heathrow selects our next generation cabin baggage and security screening equipment
        20. Appointment of Chief Executive Officer and Smiths Medical process progressing
        21. Superior transaction for sale of Smiths Medical
        22. Contract awarded to supply Radiation Portal Monitors across the US
        23. Contact technology launched on NASA Mars Perseverance Rover
        24. smiths-detections-bioflash-shown-to-detect-airborne-covid19
        25. aoac-certification-of-listeria-assay
        26. Proposed sale of Smiths Medical
        27. Phoenix Suns Arena equipped with X-ray inspection systems
        28. flying-high-on-f-35-aircraft
        29. Donating mobile inspection system to Beirut Port to increase safety
        30. NATO Equipped with Vehicle Scanning Technology in Luxembourg
        31. Smiths Group Commits to Net Zero Operations by 2040
        32. BioFlash detects airborne SARS-CoV-2 variants including Delta and Delta plus
        33. Smiths Group Q1 Trading Statement FY2022
      4. 2020
        1. smiths-detection-wins-contract-with-us-customs-and-border-protection
        2. singapore-changi-airport-extends-partnership-with-smiths-detection
        3. Smiths Interconnect receives contract from General Atomics
        4. smiths-detection-delivers-industrys-highest-checked-baggage-screening-standards
        5. Annual Results for the year ended 31 July 2020
        6. Directorate change
        7. smiths-interconnects-connectivity-solutions-contribute-to-the-success-of-cosmo-skymed
        8. milan-airports-malpensa-linate-deploy-ecac-standard-3-cabin-baggage-screening-systems
        9. smiths-detection-introduces-compact-x-ray-scanner-for-versatile-commercial-security-applications
        10. smiths-detection-achieves-major-manufacturing-milestone-in-support-of-tsa-advanced-technology
        11. Smiths Detection Announces First US Explosives Detection System Integration
        12. smiths-detection-inc-receives-id-contract-to-manufacture-jcad-adapter-for-us-department-of-defense
        13. Smiths Detections HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX receives approved status from Israeli Prime Ministers Office
        14. The Ventilator Challenge UK Consortium is one of 19 winners of special engineering award
        15. Premier Philippines airport enhances passenger throughput and experience with Smiths Detection
        16. Smiths Group Q1 Trading Statement FY2021
        17. smiths-detection-to-supply-the-tsa-with-explosives-trace-detection-systems
        18. Smiths Interconnect Pushes Performance in Wafer Testing Solutions
        19. smiths-detection-and-western-advance-install-downing-centre-court-security-system
        20. annual-financial-report-2020
        21. Smiths Group plc Directorate Change
        22. Apprentices are in our DNA
        23. Smiths Group plc Trading update and delay to the separation of Smiths Medical
        24. VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium
        25. Smiths Group to produce 10000 ventilators for the UK Government
        26. Financial Conduct Authority FCA moratorium on publication of results
        27. Smiths Group significantly ramping up weekly production of ventilators
        28. Interim Results for the half year ended 31 January 2020
        29. Partnering with Global Suppliers to Eradicate a Common Enemy
        30. Smiths Detection launches ultraviolet light upgrade kits for checkpoints
        31. Flex-Tek China is partnering with Chinese and global suppliers to fight against COVID-19
        32. Smiths Interconnect celebrates significant contract win with Boeing
        33. Smiths Detection enters into agreement to acquire PathSensors
        34. Smiths Group plc Trading update and strategic restructuring
        35. Smiths Detection to supply security-screening equipment to Kuwait International Airport
        36. Smiths Detection launches iCMORE algorithms for lithium batteries and dangerous goods
        37. Smiths Medical partners with US Government on mass vaccination efforts
        38. Smiths Detection announces collaboration with Attomarker
        39. VentilatorChallengeUK marks the end of the consortium after delivering 13437 ventilators to the NHS
        40. incheon-international-airport-trial-uv-light-tray-disinfection-with-smiths-detection
        41. smiths-detection-expands-ionscan-600-capabilities-to-detect-spice
      5. 2019
        1. Genoa facility celebrates 60 Years
        2. Interim Results for the half year ended 31 January 2019
        3. Smiths Detection paves the way for faster security checks at Gold Coast Airport
        4. Next generation of power connectors for rail
        5. Smiths announces its plans for the separation of Smiths Medical
        6. Smiths Detection now has ECAC Standard 3 1 approval on two scanners
        7. Appointment of Smiths Medical CEO
        8. John Crane Pune Super Service Center To Provide Both Engineering And Service Capabilities
        9. Proud to support International Women in Engineering Day 2019
        10. M23 Connectors Qualified to Perform at 5M Depths
        11. Helping Ensure Astronaut Safety
        12. Smiths Detection CT technology boosts security and leads to improved passenger experience
        13. Smiths Group plc Directorate Changes
        14. Smiths Detection opens state-of-the-art service training and experience centre in India
        15. Annual Results for the year ended 31 July 2019
        16. Smiths Detection launches new security scanner specifically developed for air cargo screening
        17. Smiths Detection Secures Contract To Provide Checkpoint Ct Systems
        18. Smiths Detections Largest Ever Order for HBS Systems Confirmed by Spanish Airport Operator Aena
        19. HBB High Power Connectors now assembled by Aerco
        20. Smiths Detection Inc opens new Technology Studio
        21. Smiths Detection opens office at Imperial College Londons White City campus
        22. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport first in Peoples Republic of China
        23. Smiths Group Q1 Trading Statement
        24. Melbourne Airport first to trial our advanced CT Screening Systems
        25. Smiths Detection receives $50 million order to provide explosive detection systems for US Airports
        26. Smiths Detection technology to make Aalborg Airport checkpoints the most advanced in Denmark
        27. Smiths Detection wins new contract with DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction office
        28. John Crane Completes Acquisition of Advanced Diamond Technologies Industrial Division
        29. John Crane Opens Qatars First Dry Gas Seal Repair And Testing Facility
        30. The Manufacturing Institute Honors John Cranes Lindsay Schubel And Kara Chmielewski
        31. Smiths Detection receives order from international air freight company
        32. Smiths Detection technology supports security across Swedish Prison and Probation Service
        33. Smiths Detection selected by US Department of Defense to develop next generation chemical detector
        34. Smiths Detection to greatly improve security and passenger experience at Northern Territory airports
        35. Collaboration with Lockheed Martin on NASAs Orion
        36. Smiths Detection showcases biometric checkpoint solution at inter airport Europe 2019
        37. Melbourne Airport Terminal 4 First major airport in Australia to go live with latest checkpoint
        38. Smiths Detection to enhance Sydney Airports carry-on bag and hold baggage screening
      6. 2018
        1. Apprentices are in our DNA
        2. Interim results for the six months ended 31 January 2018
        3. Smiths Detection HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX scanner granted EDS CB C2 approval
        4. Smiths Detection hold baggage scanner meets highest security standards in EU
        5. Smiths Group to acquire Seebach GmbH for EUR60m
        6. Innovative solutions for the next generation of space applications
        7. Sir Kevin Tebbit to retire from Smiths Group Board of Directors
        8. Smiths Detection technology deployed for NATO Summit security
        9. Smiths Group pre-close trading update
        10. Smiths Detection delivers lithium battery detection through deep learning
        11. Redemption of Notes
        12. Smiths Interconnect releases new rotatable backshell design for M12 connectors
        13. John Crane Launches Innovative Gas Seal Technology to Significantly Reduce Methane Emissions
        14. Annual results for the year ended 31 July 2018
        15. Smiths Detection agrees first proof of concept with customs administration of the Netherlands
        16. Smiths Detection receives $10m order from DNDO
        17. Smiths Detection recieves $70M order to provide explosives detection systems for airports across US
        18. Smiths Interconnect releases new wideband fixed attenuators for the defense market
        19. Smiths Detection provide CT explosives detection systems to Indianapolis International Airport
        20. Smiths Detection secures multiple contracts to deliver enhanced detection solutions for China
        21. Smiths Group statement regarding Smiths Medical
        22. ECAC EDS CB C3 approval for Smiths Detection technology
        23. Smiths Detection CTiX computed tomography checkpoint scanners to be tested at two US Airports
        24. Smiths Detection technology expert appears before US Senate
        25. Smiths Interconnect launch LAB-FLEX for consistent electrical performance in extreme conditions
        26. Appointment of Joint Corporate Broker
        27. Korea Airport Corporation is the first to install Smiths Detection CT screening systems
        28. Smiths Group further strengthens Flex-Tek with acquisition of United Flexible for $345m
        29. 91 Smiths Detection advanced scanners support new terminals at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Air
        30. Smiths Detection - Management Change
        31. Smiths Group divests John Cranes Bearings business for $35m
        32. Smiths Group statement on impact of US tax legislation
        33. Smiths Detection awarded multi-million dollar contract by Airports Authority India
        34. Smiths Detection management change and establishment of an Executive Management Board for Asia
        35. Smiths Detection supports security along critical new Ethopian-Djibouti railway route
        36. Smiths Group plc directorate changes
        37. Smiths Interconnect Expands its High Speed Test Capabilities with DaVinci 45G
        38. Smiths Interconnect Launches SpaceNXT Coaxial Cable Assemblies
        39. Statement regarding Smiths Medical
        40. CTiX TSA transportation security laboratory certification
        41. International Women in Engineering Day
        42. Smiths celebrates first annual Smiths Day
        43. Smiths Detection Inc To Develop Enhanced Chemical Explosives Detection Capability For US DOD
        44. Smiths Detection Launches First Customer Experience Centre in Asia Pacific
        45. Intention to separate Smiths Medical and focus Smiths on Industrial Technology
        46. Smiths Detection checkpoint lanes chosen for Israeli airports
        47. Smiths Group Q1 trading update
        48. Smiths Interconnect releases new SpaceNXT KU series for the latest satellite communications
        49. Smiths Interconnect launches SpaceNXT Aurora hard metric backplane connectors
      7. 2017
        1. 25bn Euro Medium Term Note Programme
        2. Appointment of Chief Financial Officer Designate
        3. Smiths Detection launches next-generation hand luggage scanner
        4. Smiths Detections new CORAL software increases scanner uptime
        5. Smiths Group extends pension de-risking with 207m buy-in
        6. Smiths Detection wins biggest ever single order for nextgeneration hold baggage scanner for Frankfur
        7. Annual results for the year ended 31 July 2017
        8. Growing in China with new Smiths Interconnect plant
        9. Smiths Detection continues to lead the aviation security technology market
        10. Smiths Detection launches CORSYS pioneering integrated security solution for ports and borders
        11. Smiths Group trading update
        12. Smiths Group Capital Markets Day
        13. Smiths Group divests Interconnects Power business for 162 million
        14. Smiths Group welcomes European Commission clearance for acquisition of Morpho Detection
        15. Smiths Group plc launches 10 year 650m bond offering
        16. Smiths Group publishes Final Terms of Notes
        17. Smiths Group extends pension de-risking with 130m buy-in
        18. Interim results for the six months ended 31 January 2017
        19. Smiths Group announces completion of acquisition of Morpho Detection
        20. Arrangements in respect of Chris OSheas departure
        21. Smiths Group divests Interconnects Microwave Telecoms business for 85 million
        22. Smiths Group plc Directorate Changes
        23. Smiths Group completes divestment of Morpho Detections former trace business
        24. Smiths Integrated Security Solution Approved for Use in French Airports
        25. Smiths Group agrees to sell Morpho Detections former trace business
        26. How Smiths is Protecting First Responders from Fentanyl
      8. 2016
        1. John Crane management change
        2. Smiths concludes pension funding exercise
        3. Interim results for the six months ended 31 January 2016
        4. Smiths announces new Non-executive Director
        5. Smiths Group focuses on global technology in security with $710m acquisition
        6. Smiths Group trading update
        7. Annual results for the year ended 31 July 2016
        8. Smiths Group divestment of its Artificial Lift business
        9. Smiths Group further de-risks pension liabilities with 250m buy-in
        10. Smiths Group establishes a Euro Medium Term Note Programme
        11. Smiths announces new Non-executive Director (1)
        12. Smiths Group divests Wallace for 140 million
        13. Smiths Group trading update (1)
      9. 2015
        1. Smiths Detection Completes Major Emirates Order
        2. Interim results for the six months ended 31 January 2015
        3. Smiths Detection wins $125m Abu Dhabi Airport contract
        4. Smiths Group Appoints Interim Chief Financial Officer
        5. Smiths Group plc closes EUR600m bond offering
        6. Smiths Group appoints new Finance Director
        7. Smiths Group management changes
        8. Annual results for the year ended 31 July 2015
        9. Arrangements in respect of Philip Bowmans retirement
        10. Smiths Group appoints new Chief Executive
        11. Smiths announces material change in pension funding structure
        12. Smiths Detection Supplies Heathrow Advanced Baggage Scanners
        13. Smiths Group plc launches EUR600m bond offering
        14. Smiths Group plc Trading Statement
        15. Smiths Group plc Trading Statement (1)
      10. 2014
        1. Smiths Group management change
        2. Smiths Group names Smiths Interconnect President
        3. Smiths Group CEO announces retirement date
        4. Smiths completes refinancing with new five-year credit facility
        5. John Crane wins five-year contract to service Shell Jurong Island
        6. Interim results for the six months ended 31 January 2014
        7. Smiths Group Clarification on Aspects of Remuneration Policy
        8. Arrangements in respect of Philip Bowmans retirement
        9. Smiths Detections first Asian plant officially opened
        10. Smiths Medical gains US Clearance for Pain Management Solution with CADD-Solis Infusion Pump
        11. Smiths Detection wins $42m order from US Army
        12. Smiths Group Announces Management Change
        13. Smiths Announces Non-executive Director Changes
        14. Smiths Group management changes
        15. Smiths Group plc Q3 Interim Management Statement
        16. Smiths Detection consolidates activities under Fuel for Growth programme
        17. Smiths Group Appoints Company Secretary
        18. Smiths Group plc Trading Statement
        19. John Crane expands China operations as part of group growth drive
        20. Smiths Detection wins 63m US Xray scanner order
        21. Smiths appoints Group Strategy Director
        22. Smiths Group celebrates 100 years on London Stock Exchange
        23. Smiths Group Announces Management Change (1)
        24. Annual results for the year ended 31 July 2014
      11. 2013
        1. Smiths Group plc Q1 Interim Management Statement
        2. Smiths Detection wins 19m Italian scanner order
        3. John Crane launches new rod for high temperature upstream oil production
        4. Smiths Group plc Interim Management Statement
        5. Statement regarding Smiths Medical
        6. Interim results for the six months ended 31 January 2013
        7. Smiths Detection wins 178m Azerbaijan contract
        8. Smiths announces appointment of new Chairman
        9. Smiths Detections High-Speed XCT Scanner gains TSA Lab Certification
        10. Smiths reaches agreement with UK Pension Trustees
        11. Smiths Group plc pre-close trading update
        12. Annual results for the year ended 31 July 2013
        13. Smiths Detection wins 18m bio-consumables order
        14. Smiths Medical gains US clearance for CADD-Solis VIP
        15. Smiths Detection wins Spanish airport scanner order
        16. Statement regarding recent media speculation
        17. Smiths Detection Management Change
        18. Smiths Group plc - John Crane Capital Markets Day
      12. 2012
        1. Smiths Detection Wins $20M Indian Customs Contract
        2. Smiths Detection Wins 100M Doha Airport Order
        3. Smiths Detection Wins Major Brazilian Ports Contract
        4. Interim results for the six months ended 28 January 2012
        5. Smiths Detection Wins 12m Cargo Scanner Order
        6. Smiths Group plc - Smiths Detection Investor Day
        7. John Crane Management Change
        8. Annual results for the year ended 31 July 2012
        9. Chairman announces intention to retire
        10. Smiths Detection Wins $27M US Chemical Detector Order
        11. Smiths sells share of US biometric company for $77M
        12. Smiths Group announces senior management changes
        13. Smiths Group plc Interim Management Statement
        14. Smiths Group plc Interim Management Statement (1)
        15. Smiths Announces Non-executive Director Changes
        16. Smiths Group plc closes US$400m bond offering
        17. Smiths Medical gains FDA clearance for epidural safety system
        18. Smiths Group plc launches US$400m bond offering
      13. 2011
        1. Smiths Appoints Group Strategy Director
        2. Interim results for the six months ended 29 January 2011
        3. Smiths Detection management change
        4. Smiths Detection Buys Its Brazilian Distributor
        5. FDA Clearance for Smiths Medicals Wireless Medfusion 4000 Syringe System
        6. Smiths Detection President Named
        7. Annual results for the year ended 31 July 2011
        8. Smiths Interconnect Buys Power Holdings For $235M
        9. Smiths Group rejects approach for Smiths Medical
        10. Smiths Detection wins Queens Award for enterprise
        11. Smiths Group PLC - Investor Day
        12. Smiths Group PLC Interim Management Statement
        13. John Crane Buys US Bearings Company
        14. John Crane Completes Purchase of US Bearings Company
        15. Smiths Interconnect Completes Power Holdings Purchase
        16. Smiths Group PLC Interim Management Statement (1)
      14. 2010
        1. Advanced People-Screener Deployed At Heathrow Airport
        2. Smiths Group Appoints New Finance Director
        3. Investor days on Smiths Interconnect and Smiths Medical
        4. Smiths Detection wins 435 million TSA order
        5. Annual results for the year ended 31 July 2010
        6. Smiths Interconnect Completes $185M Purchase of US Company
        7. Smiths Detection Signs Collaboration And Licence Agreement With Global Diagnostic Company
        8. Interim results for the six months ended 30 January 2010
        9. Smiths Interconnect Buys US Connector Firm for $185M
        10. Smiths Interconnect Wins Major Contract For Airborne Broadband Antenna Systems
        11. Smiths Group Appoints New Non-Executive Director
        12. Smiths Reaches Pension Agreement with UK Trustees
        13. Smiths Group Establishes Washington DC Office
        14. Smiths sponsors ADRs to broaden US investor base
        15. Smiths Group PLC Closes Euro 300M Bond Offering
        16. Smiths Group plc Interim Management Statement
        17. Smiths Group PLC Interim Management Statement (1)
        18. Smiths Completes Refinancing With US$800M Credit Facility
      15. 2009
        1. John Crane secures major service contract from Talisman Energy
        2. Smiths Detection Investor Day
        3. Smiths Detection Launches Advanced People Screening System
        4. Smiths moves corporate HQ to central London
        5. Smiths Detection appoints Chief Operating Officer
        6. Smiths Group plc - Pro-forma figures for six months to 31 January 2008
        7. John Crane buys bearings firm
        8. John Crane completes multi-million pound programme to boost Romanian oil output
        9. Interim results for the six months ended 31 January 2009
        10. John Crane unveils first solar powered gas pump
        11. John Crane wins over 50 million in contracts for global energy and process industry projects
        12. Smiths Interconnect buys Chinese surge protection business
        13. Smiths Interconnect wins $10m of contracts for mobile phone network tester
        14. Smiths Group plc John Crane Investor Day
        15. John Crane Wins Around 25 Million In Major Aftermarket Contracts
        16. Preliminary results for the year ended 31 July 2009
        17. Smiths non-executive director to retire at AGM
        18. John Crane Wins Major Contract To Boost Romanian Oil Output
        19. Smiths Detection wins $27m Canadian Contract for Advanced Checkpoint X-Ray Systems
        20. Smiths Detection Wins 219M US Contract for Portable Liquid Scanners
        21. Smiths Group plc Interim Management Statement
        22. Smiths Group raises additional long term debt capital
        23. John Crane Completes Purchase of Orion
        24. Smiths Group plc Interim Management Statement (1)
        25. Smiths Group plc Prices US$500m US Bond Offering
        26. Smiths Detection Wins 106 Million US Contract for Advanced XRay Scanners
        27. Smiths Group Appoints New Non-Executive Director
        28. Smiths Medical Wins Potential 10M US Syringe Order
        29. Smiths Detection In Partnership For Next Generation Baggage Scanner
      16. 2008
        1. Smiths buys Australian electronics firm
        2. Smiths Group announces appointments
        3. Trading update
        4. New IVF product signals hope for women with fertility problems
        5. Smiths Group announces major Siemens deal for its John Crane division
        6. Smiths Group expects savings of 25m from agreement with ATT
        7. Smiths Interconnect wins US communications contracts worth a potential 225M
        8. Smiths Medical launches breakthrough device using BLUETOOTH mobile phone technology
        9. Smiths Detection awarded 58 million in US Government contracts for advanced high energy Xray systems
        10. Smiths acquisition adds new dimension to John Crane
        11. Smiths Detection awarded 238 million US military contract option for advanced chemical agent detecto
        12. Smiths Medical launches revolutionary portable medication delivery system to keep patients safe
        13. Smiths reports a 7 increase in sales and headline operating profit
        14. Smiths Specialty Engineering wins major new contracts totalling 335 million
        15. Smiths buys Texan oilfield equipment company
        16. Smiths Interconnect to protect 4G WiMAX deployment in the United States from lightning strikes
        17. Smiths Medical wins three new contracts totalling $18 million
        18. Groundbreaking Everest study breathes hope into the lives of sick children
        19. Smiths completes acquisition of Indufil BV
        20. Smiths advanced X-ray checkpoint deployed for first time in US
        21. Smiths Medical to promote and distribute Abbotts new continuous glucose monitoring system
        22. Smiths opens production plant for advanced X-Ray detection systems
        23. Smiths in 16 million property sale
        24. Smiths reports strong growth in sales and profit
        25. John Crane seals over 100 Million in potential energy contracts
        26. Scientists resurrect forgotten Everest research to develop breakthrough medical device
        27. Smiths Detection wins $65 million contract for JCAD chemical detectors
        28. Smiths Group trading for the six months ended 2 February 2008
        29. Smiths Specialty Engineering to supply equipment to help control industrial emissions in China
        30. Smiths buys Chinese microwave electronics firm
        31. Smiths completes purchase of Texas oilfield equipment company
        32. Smiths Group plc Interim Management Statement for the nine months ended 3 May 2008
        33. Smiths Interconnect wins $40 million in contracts to help protect systems from lightning strikes
        34. Smiths Medical wins 30 million in contracts to help protect US healthcare workers from deadly needle
        35. Smiths Detection launches handheld vapour detector for chemicals commonly used in improvised explosi
        36. Smiths Group plc Board Change
        37. Smiths Group restuctures Corporate Divisional Headquarters
        38. Smiths wins US contracts worth 252 million for advanced Xray systems
        39. Smiths appoints president for Smiths Interconnect division
        40. Smiths buys Chinese Medical instruments firm
        41. Smiths Group Interim Management Statement
        42. Smiths Detection Develops Diagnostic Platform For Infectious Diseases
      17. 2007
        1. Notice re trading update
        2. Smiths Detection awarded initial contract to supply M4 JCAD the US Militarys new generation chemical
        3. Smiths Detection reveals breakthrough X-ray technology to help tackle terror threats
        4. Smiths Group plc and General Electric Company not to proceed with joint venture
        5. Smiths helps students to engineer a bright future
        6. Smiths Interconnect announces contracts worth over US$90 million
        7. aTiX Smiths Detections breakthrough X-ray technology will revolutionise checkpoint security
        8. Smiths Detection announces over 170 million of new contracts in Russia Dubai and India
        9. Smiths Detection selected for Joint Chemical Agent Detector JCAD Increment 2 evaluation
        10. Smiths Group appoints Philip Bowman as Chief Executive
        11. Special visitor confers royal recognition on John Crane
        12. Smiths Detection awarded 21 million US Government contract for groundbreaking new aTiX technology
        13. Smiths Detection to launch a portable diagnostic system for foot-and-mouth disease and avian flu
        14. Smiths Group acquisition extends capabilities in energy sector
        15. Smiths Group Interim Management Statement for the quarter ended 3 November 2007
        16. Smiths Medical strengthens foothold in Chinese healthcare market
        17. Smiths Group sells Marine business
        18. Smiths Medical receives clearance for new safety needle to protect medics and minimise patient disco
        19. Smiths Specialty Engineering selected to provide technology for NASA mission
        20. Proposed sale of Smiths Aerospace and Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting
        21. Smiths Medical launches new medication safety software
        22. Trading statement for the period ending 6 months 3 February 2007
        23. Children to take part in Smiths Medical study on Mount Everest
        24. Don Naab appointed President Smiths Interconnect
        25. Smiths appoints new non-executive director
        26. Smiths Detection to help protect New York train stations from chemical attack
        27. German Ministry of Defence selects Smiths Detection Lightweight Chemical Detector to protect Armed F
        28. Smiths Interconnect wins 37 million contract for new satellite communications system to help keep US
        29. Smiths Detection secures ten year BAA deal to revolutionise UK passenger checkpoints
        30. Smiths Group announces over US$45 million of new contracts from Smiths Medical
        31. Smiths Group plc Preliminary Results for the period ended 31 July 2007 unaudited
        32. Smiths Specialty Engineering to provide technology for NASAs Mars Science Laboratory rover
        33. Smiths Group completes sale of aerospace businesses
        34. Posting of Class 1 Circular relating to the Return of Cash and Share Consolidation
        35. Trading update
        36. Global Security Challenge competition has chosen the five most promising security startups in the wo
        37. John Crane wins US53 million China National Offshore Oil Corporation contract
        38. Smiths Medical awarded threeyear contract to supply implantable access systems across the United Sta
        39. Smiths Detection forms JV with General Electric Company
        40. Sale of Smiths Aerospace division
        41. Smiths Detection wins US military contracts worth $38 million
        42. Smiths Group acqusition extends role in energy sector
        43. Smiths Medical High Altitude Laboratory on Mount Everest opens today
        44. Smiths Group plc and General Electric Company sign formation agreement to create Smiths GE Detection
        45. Smiths reports a 7 increase in first half headline EPS for continuing activities
      18. 2006
        1. Smiths Group current trading
        2. Smiths Aerospace selected for South Korean Helicopter Program
        3. Smiths Group directorate change
        4. Smiths Group expands its Interconnect business
        5. Smiths Medical announces intention to end manufacturing in Hythe
        6. Smiths wins cargo screening contract from Belgian Customs
        7. Times Microwave Systems honoured by Boeing as supplier of the year
        8. Smiths introduces new hand-held chemical analyser for emergency responders in Europe
        9. Smiths provides Thrust Reverser Actuation System for B747-8
        10. Smiths signs major contract to supply carryon luggage screening equipment for Shanghai Pudong Intern
        11. Smiths wins order for Boeing P8A MultiMission Maritime Aircraft Program MMA
        12. Smiths explosive detection and chemical identifier deployed in New York transit system
        13. Smiths Group year-end trading update
        14. Smiths launches new embryo replacement catheters
        15. Smiths advanced x-ray equipment helps Peruvian authorities seize 900 kilos of narcotics
        16. Smiths Detection displays new explosives detection technology
        17. Smiths wins $222 million US Government contract for radiation detectors
        18. Intelligence most powerful weapon in war on terror survey finds
        19. Smiths Aerospace awarded electrical power contract on Hercules modernization programme
        20. Smiths awarded $47 million support contract for the F-22 fighter aircraft
        21. Smiths appoints new non-executive director
        22. Smiths Detection helps HM Revenue and Customs tackle drug couriers from Ghana
        23. New Centre of Excellence confirms John Cranes confidence in India
        24. Smiths Group Interim Results 2006
        25. Smiths selected to make runway debris detection system in USA
        26. Appointment of Group Managing Director Specialty Engineering and details of Finance Director transit
        27. Smiths wins 8 million Department of Defense contract for next generation meteorological system for U
        28. Smiths security screening equipment selected for trial on the Tube
        29. Smiths selected to provide $90m in engine upgrades for T-38 Trainer
        30. Smiths wins 273 million US Department of Defense contract for Automatic Chemical Agent Detector Alar
        31. Smiths Medical named Manufacturer of the Year by Tri-anim in the US
        32. Smiths selected to provide engine components on Trent 1000
        33. Smiths supplies Lightweight Chemical Detector to Advanced CBRN Detection Robot
        34. Home Secretary John Reid speaks at Smiths Detection security forum
        35. Smiths integrated actuation technology successfully supports first flight of Gulfstream
        36. Smiths launches a new people screening system
        37. Winner of competition to discover new security technologies announced tomorrow
        38. Smiths Detection awarded contract to protect Asian Games with chemical threat detection and analysis
        39. Annual General Meeting of Smiths Group plc Chairmans statement on the current outlook
        40. Smiths helps St Mungos make Londons homeless healthier
        41. US Food and Drug Administration clears CozMore Insulin Technology System updates
        42. Smiths Group appoints new Director of Environment Health and Safety
        43. Smiths Group appoints new managing director for its Medical division
        44. Smiths among worlds 100 most sustainable companies
        45. Smiths awarded 23 million US Government contract for mobile highenergy Xray systems
        46. Smiths selected for $9 million in Land Navigation contract
        47. Smiths wins seventh contract option for the US Joint Chemical Agent Detector JCAD Program
        48. Cleo 90 Infusion Set from Smiths Medical wins medical design excellence award
        49. Smiths Group businesses win two prestigious Queens Awards Aerospace
        50. Smiths Group businesses win two prestigious Queens Awards John Crane
        51. Smiths wins five year Department of Defense contract to provide chemical biological protective shelt
        52. Smiths to supply xray screening equipment for Changi International Airport Singapore
        53. Smiths Group appoints new non-executive director
        54. Smiths provides medical equipment for the World Cup
        55. Smiths Detection extends global operations to Russia with opening of new production facility in St P
        56. Smiths IONSCAN 500DT receives TSA certification for Explosives Trace Detection systems ETD
        57. Smiths opens engine components facility in North Carolina
        58. Smiths security equipment selected for trial on the Tube
        59. Smiths wins 95 million Department of Defense contract for Improved Chemical Agent Monitor ICAM units
        60. New York Police Department purchases Smiths advanced portable explosives detection equipment
        61. Smiths Aerospace allies with universities for technology research programmes
        62. Smiths selected to provide HUMS technology for the new Future Lynx Helicopters05072006
        63. Smiths wins Automatic Explosives Detection Systems contract for new Dubai terminal
        64. Smiths wins contract with HM Customs for drugs and explosives detectors
        65. Smiths wins second design excellence award for groundbreaking insulin infusion set
        66. Smiths Aerospace provides In-Flight Refuelling Probe for the A400 aircraft
        67. Smiths partners with Boeing for GoldCare service solution for Boeing 787 Dreamliner operators
        68. Smiths Aerospace awarded $20 million contract on Presidential helicopter
        69. Smiths donates medical equipment to World Health Organisation
        70. Smiths reports continued strong growth in sales and headline earnings in 2006 and raises the annual
        71. Smiths wins $71 million US Government contract for explosives detectors
        72. Competition to discover new security technology announces five finalists
        73. Smiths awarded $10 million US Navy contract for H-60 helicopters - LATEST
        74. Smiths Group announces $100 million of new contracts
        75. Smiths to supply advanced explosives trace portals to United States Registered Traveller programme
        76. Smiths x-ray equipment helps Caribbean authorities seize $40 million of cocaine
        77. Smiths wins major security systems contract for Thai Airways
        78. Norwegian Armed Forces exercise contract option for Smiths Detection chemical agent detectors
        79. Smiths Aerospace enters into $60 million agreement with General Electric on F404 engine
        80. Smiths Aerospace teams with BAE Systems to develop pound124 million Unmanned Air Vehicle technology
        81. Smiths Dowty Propellers signs support contract with Flybe Airlines
        82. Smiths Aerospace systems on F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter first flight
      19. 2005
        1. Smiths Group Finance Director succession announced
        2. Annual General Meeting of Smiths Group plc
        3. Smiths Group Transition to International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS
        4. Smiths Group current trading
        5. Smiths Group Interim Results for the six months ended 31 January 2005
        6. Smiths completes $925 million acquisition of Medex
        7. Smiths Business Unit wins 2005 Queens Award for Enterprise
        8. Smiths Appoints Director of Group Communications
        9. Smiths acquires US biotechnology detection company
        10. Smiths Heimann Biometrics and Cross Match Technologies to join forces
        11. Smiths Group Management Change in Medical Division
        12. Smiths Medical settles Cozmo Pump litigation
        13. Smiths successfully secures funding of pound730Million
        14. Notice of Smiths Group Trading Update
        15. Smiths announces three acquisitions
        16. Year-End Trading Statement
        17. Smiths strengthens detection activities with acquisition of Farran Technology
        18. Smiths Acquires US Millimetre Wave and Antenna Company
        19. Smiths Group Preliminary Results for the year ended 31 July 2005
        20. Smiths Aerospace grows engine components business in North Carolina USA
        21. Smiths Groups acquisition extends Detection technology range
      20. 2004
        1. Smiths Detection launches new Anthrax mail screening system
        2. Smiths Detection receives largescale order from Chinese Aviation Authority to enhance security throu
        3. Smiths Group acquires US aerospace business for $102 million
        4. Smiths Group acquisition expands Detection technology base
        5. Smiths Group appoints Donald Brydon as chairman designate
        6. Smiths Group Interim Results for the 6 months ended 31 January 2004
        7. Smiths Completes Acquisition of US Aerospace Business for $102 million Cash
        8. Smiths completes acquisition of US Interconnect business for 1115 million cash
        9. Smiths completes acquisition of US hazardous material detection specialist for $75m
        10. Smiths appoints David Challen as non-executive director
        11. Smiths wins Boeing 7E7 Landing Gear Actuation and High Lift Systems
        12. Smiths Medical Receives FDA Clearance for All-in-One Blood Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pump
        13. Smiths strengthens medical business with acquisition of US respiratory care device company for 55 mi
        14. Smiths Group announces changes to Board positions
        15. Smiths Group Preliminary Results for the year ended 31 July 2004
        16. Smiths Group acquires US aerospace company for $110 million
        17. Annual General Meeting of Smiths Group plc Chairmans statement on the current outlook
        18. Smiths Group completes acquisition of US aerospace company for 110 million
        19. $925 million acquisition moves Smiths into medical devices big league
        20. Smiths Strengthens its Presence in China with the Acquisition of a Leading Chinese Mechanical Seals
        21. Boeing Selects Smiths for 7E7 Computing
        22. Smiths wins international orders for security screening equipment at borders ports and airports
        23. Smiths Group buys US hazardous material detection specialist for $75m
        24. US Department of Defense selects Smiths Detection to fulfil $15 million contract
        25. Smiths Congratulates Boeing on 7E7 launch
        26. Smiths opens aerospace components facility in Suzhou
        27. Smiths strengthens Interconnect business with 1115 million US acquisition
        28. Smiths Group trading statement
      21. 2003
        1. Heathrow Airport trials advanced passenger security screening equipment from Smiths Detection
        2. Smiths Group Interim Results for the 6 months ended 31 January 2003
        3. US 250 million private placement will spread Smiths debt profile
        4. Smiths selected as member of Boeings 7E7 Systems Technology Team
        5. Smiths announces creation of single company for medical division
        6. Smiths Group to create new Detection division
        7. Smiths Sells German Ducting Business
        8. Smiths earns major contracts for additional airport screening equipment
        9. Smiths Sells Polymer business to Trelleborg for 495 million cash
        10. Smiths appoints Lord Robertson as non-executive
        11. Smiths Group Preliminary results for the 12 months ended 31 July 2003
        12. Smiths Completes Sale of Polymer business to Trelleborg for 495 million cash
        13. Smiths welcomes regulatory approval for sale of Polymer Sealing Solutions
        14. Smiths increases potential contracts on F-35 Joint Strike Fighter by $500 million
        15. Smiths Group Annual General Meeting Chairmans statement on the current outlook
        16. Smiths Group chief executive to stay until 2008 Smiths appoints Peter Jackson as nonexecutive direct
        17. Smiths Medical makes its international debut at the worlds biggest medical trade fair Medica 2003 in
      22. 2002
        1. Smiths Group completes sale of marine seals business
        2. Smiths Aerospace wins Airbus contract for A380 system
        3. Smiths Medical to market Medisys safety products
        4. Smiths Detection business collaborates on major US Postal Service contract
        5. Smiths Medical sale of non-core businesses
        6. Smiths appoints Cazenove as joint stockbroker
        7. Smiths sells industrial fan distributors
        8. Smiths Medical insulin pump receives FDA approval
        9. Preliminary Results for the 12 months ending 31 July 2002
        10. Smiths strengthens communications team
        11. Smiths agrees 235 million cash acquisition of market leader in X-ray detection
        12. Smiths sells Lodge business to Meggitt
        13. Smiths Group agrees 215 million sale of marine business
        14. $1 billion opportunity as Boeing selects Smiths Aerospace for 767 tanker
        15. Interim Results for the 6 months ended 31 January 2002
        16. Smiths completes 375m acquisition of Heimann Systems
        17. Smiths sells Air Movement and Cable businesses for 125 million
      23. 2001
        1. Smiths Group has entered into an agreement to sell the vacuum and pressure businesses
        2. Update regarding Sale of Automotive Division
        3. Smiths Group rated single A minus by S P
        4. Proposed demerger of the Automotive Systems Division - Results of Meetings
        5. Smiths completes demerger of Automotive Systems Division
        6. Smiths sells medical capital equipment business
        7. Smiths Group plc Preliminary Results 2001
        8. Smiths sells two non-core businesses
        9. Smiths adds to Medical technologies with US acquisition
        10. Smiths disposals realise 10 million
        11. Smiths Group Annual General Meeting Chairmans Statement
        12. Smiths Group discussing sale of the John Crane-Lips marine business to Wartsila
        13. Smiths acquires US specialist in communications test equipment
        14. Smiths secures A3 rating from Moodys
        15. Smiths Sells Industrial Hydraulics Business
        16. Smiths to extend detection systems activities
        17. Smiths appoints joint stockbroker
        18. Smiths Aerospace to supply key avionics systems for C-130 modernisation programme
        19. Smiths generates $160 million business on US Army programme
        20. Smiths Medical secures new supply contracts
        21. Portex Inc acquires the PointLok Needle Protection Device
        22. Smiths wins 40 million military contract
        23. JSF decision offers Smiths Aerospace $10 billion opportunity
      24. 2000
        1. Annual General Meeting Chairmans Statement
        2. US acquisition extends Smiths activities in wireless broadband communications
        3. Acquisition of Fairchild Defense completed
      25. 2024
        1. Smiths Group receives SBTi validation for net zero targets
        2. Smiths Detection technology to be used at Fukuoka International Airport
        3. Advanced X-ray screening equipment used to help secure NFL Super Bowl
        4. John Crane awarded key energy transition contracts in North America
        5. Smiths Group Foundation awards first round of charitable donations
        6. Smiths Detection provides security screening equipment to secure COP28
        7. Half year results for 6 months ended 31 January 2024
        8. Appointment of Chief Executive Officer
        9. Smiths Group plc share buyback programme
        10. Smiths Detection launches X-ray Diffraction technology to combat illegal narcotics and contraband trafficking
        11. Smiths Detection to supply Belfast International Airport with 3D X-ray scanners
        12. Smiths Group appoints Kini Pathmanathan as Head of Smiths Excellence & Sustainability
        13. Smiths Group plc – Q3 Trading Update
    2. Smiths Leaders blog
      1. 2023
        1. What next: what to look out for in industrial technology during 2023 – and beyond
        2. Powering the green industrial revolution a path towards a clean economy with global benefits
        3. How to become a Black Belt whilst at work
        4. Summer reading ideas from Smiths Groups CFO, Clare Scherrer
        5. How championing from senior leadership is key to achieving gender diversity
        6. China: Snapshots from our decarbonizing world
        7. Strengthening European ties to support investment in frontier hydrogen solutions
        8. Make the most of organisational shifts
        9. Reflections on International Civil Aviation Day
        10. Reflections on COP28: Making it happen
      2. 2024
        1. Lessons learned from undertaking an ESG-specific Double Material Assessment
        2. Pioneering a circular economy in the threat detection sector
        3. How do we create pathways for women to advance to senior leadership/CEO roles?
        4. Innovation and talent development are top priorities for Smiths. When the two combine, great things happen.
        5. Getting the Smiths Group Foundation up and running
    3. Engineering Explained
      1. 2024
        1. Cool developments in heating houses
        2. Using Smiths technology to help progress knowledge of Europe’s Neolithic people
        3. Testing times for AI
        4. Green steel: The dawn of a new Age
      2. 2023
        1. Space snooker a high-stakes game to save planet earth
        2. Exploring the dark universe with the Euclid space telescope
        3. Detection technology eliminating the need to remove liquids and laptops from bags
        4. NEOM: Bold plans to accelerate the green hydrogen revolution
        5. Sealing the next frontier in Canada
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