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Smiths Interconnect

Advanced electronic components, sub-systems, optical and radio frequency products for reliable, high-speed and secure data.

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Pushing the boundaries of performance

Smiths Interconnect products push the boundaries of performance in speed, reliability, size, weight, and operating capability in harsh environments. Our products orbit the earth in satellites and enable deep space missions; they support patient care in medical devices; they enable aircraft and vehicles to navigate; and they facilitate faster communications. They are also helping the world to build the next generation of computing, gaming and artificial intelligence systems.

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Accelerating data speeds

Demand for data is continually increasing as the world becomes more connected and computing power expands. Faster data transmission, greater bandwidth and augmented processing power are required across many sectors. Smiths Interconnect’s pioneering technology in electrical connectivity, semiconductor testing, fibre-optics and radio frequency transceivers makes this acceleration possible.

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Innovation is in our DNA

Every Smiths product, service and solution is the result of engineering and technology innovation by our expert teams, often in collaboration with our customers. We invest approximately 4% of revenue into R&D annually to improve product performance, solve new problems or move into new and growing markets. Innovation has been in our DNA for more than 170 years.

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