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A calendar of our important financial events including trading updates and dividend dates. Dates are subject to change.

Date Title Title
13 November 2024 Q1 Trading Update Add to calendar
24 September 2024 Announcement of FY2024 Annual Results Add to calendar
31 July 2024 FY2024 Financial Year End Add to calendar
21 May 2024 Q3 Trading Update
13 May 2024 Interim Dividend Payment Date (provisional)
19 April 2024 Last DRIP Election Date (provisional)
5 April 2024 Interim Dividend Record Date (provisional)
4 April 2024 Interim Dividend Ex-Dividend Date (provisional)
26 March 2024 Announcement of FY2024 Interim Results Add to calendar

Date Title Title
24 November 2023 Dividend Payment Date
16 November 2023 Annual General Meeting
16 November 2023 Q1 Trading Update
3 November 2023 Last DRIP Election Date
20 October 2023 Dividend Record Date
19 October 2023 Dividend Ex-Dividend Date
26 September 2023 Announcement of FY2023 Annual Results
31 July 2023 FY2023 Financial Year End
19 May 2023 Q3 Trading Update
17 May 2023 Interim Dividend Payment Date
25 April 2023 Last DRIP Election Date
11 April 2023 Interim Dividend Record Date
6 April 2023 Interim Dividend Ex-Dividend Date
24 March 2023 Announcement of FY2023 Interim Results

Date Title Title
18 November 2022 Final Dividend Payment Date
16 November 2022 Annual General Meeting
10 November 2022 Capital Markets Event
9 November 2022 Q1 Trading Update
28 October 2022 Last DRIP Election Date
21 October 2022 Final Dividend Record Date
20 October 2022 Final Dividend Ex-Dividend Date
23 September 2022 Announcement of FY2022 Annual Results
19 May 2022 Q3 Trading Update 2022
13 May 2022 Dividend Payment Date
27 April 2022 Last DRIP Election Date
8 April 2022 Interim Dividend Record Date
7 April 2022 Interim Dividend Ex-Dividend Date
25 March 2022 Announcement of FY2022 Interim Results

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