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Fiber Optics Network Cable Light Abstract

Accelerating data speeds

Demand for data is continually increasing as the world becomes more connected and computing power expands. Faster data transmission, greater bandwidth and augmented processing power are required across many sectors.

Smiths Interconnect’s pioneering technology in electrical connectivity, semiconductor testing, fibre-optics and radio frequency makes this acceleration possible.

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Pushing the boundaries of performance

Our Smiths Interconnect products push the boundaries of performance in speed, reliability, size, weight, and operating capability in harsh environments.

Our products orbit the earth in satellites and enable deep space missions; we support patient care in medical devices, and enable aircraft and vehicles to navigate; and they facilitate faster communications. We are also helping the world to build the next generation of computing, gaming and artificial intelligence systems.

Smarter engineering shaping the future

Satellite Solar Panels In Space

Rugged products for space

SpaceABLE optical transceivers are radiation-resistant and able to operate in temperature ranges from -20C to +75C. They provide a fibre-optic solution to enable satellites to transport signals and data faster, and enable lighter and more scalable links than copper interconnects.

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Server Racks At Data Center

Testing semi-conductor chips

The DaVinci 112 test socket tests the functionality and performance of advanced semi-conductor chips used for cloud, data centres, AI systems, connected automotive, graphics for gaming, and other high-performance computing applications.

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Person Holding Hypergrip Disposable Connector

Protecting patient safety

Hypergrip disposable connectors enable highly reliable connectivity in single-use medical devices such as endoscopes, catheters and patient monitoring systems, with the high-performance that has come to be expected from our medical connectors.

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