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Hydrogen Cylinder Tanks

Enabling the energy transition

The need to mitigate climate change and deliver secure and affordable power is driving a fundamental revolution in energy sources, transport and use.

This translates to real and immediate growth opportunities for Smiths – for our existing products and the technologies behind them, and through applying our capabilities to develop practical, commercial solutions that solve customer needs today and shape the future.

Revolutionising the world’s approach to energy 

Smiths technology is supporting multiple industry sectors to revolutionise their approach to energy.

World Class Engineering

Energy efficiency and circular economy solutions 

Solutions that help our customers to use less, waste less and reduce emissions:

  • Lower emission oil & gas value streams
  • Improve energy safety and security infrastructure
  • More efficient buildings
  • Smaller, lighter and lower energy connectivity components
World Class Engineering

Green electrification

Solutions that help our customers move away from fossil fuels to green electricity:

  • Electrical heating for buildings and industrial processes
  • High-power connectors for electricity transmission
World Class Engineering

Low/no carbon fuels

Solutions that help our customers produce, transport, store and use new fuels:

  • Compression, transportation, and storage of hydrogen
  • Pumping and filtration of biofuels, synthetic, and other low carbon fuels
World Class Engineering

Carbon capture

Solutions that help our customers efficiently capture, transport, and sequester carbon:

  • Carbon capture technology
  • CO2 transport and storage

Smarter engineering shaping the future

Satellite Solar Panels In Space

Smiths Interconnect

We operate at the cutting edge of the space, defence and communications industries. Our highly engineered components play a crucial role helping improve broadband performance for millions of people.

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Smiths Detection

In Smiths Detection, our object recognition software, iCMORE, uses AI and advanced machine learning algorithms to reduce the burden on operators – and potential errors – by automating the detection process for suspicious items within inspected cargo, baggage or palleted goods. This innovation helps create a safer world, a more streamlined experience for travellers and a more efficient process for operators. 

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Green Trees Grass In Front Of Buildings


Our innovations, including our capability in electrical heating to super heat hydrogen for the world's first commercial scale green steel plant, are contributing to the crucial transition away from a carbon-based economy, working with partners to create cutting-edge technologies at scale to improve the world.

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