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John Crane

A global leader in mission-critical technologies and services that drive efficiency, safety and sustainability in energy and large-scale process industries.

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The industries we operate in

Hydrogen Cylinder Tanks


Mechanical seals and seal support systems and couplings for down- and mid-stream oil & gas activities including refineries and pipelines, and for power generation including hydrogen and carbon capture.

John Crane Inspection


Sealing and filtration solutions for the chemical, life sciences, petrochemical, water, mining, and pulp & paper industries.

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Enabling energy transition

The need to mitigate climate change and deliver secure and affordable power is driving a fundamental revolution in energy use, energy sources and energy delivery. Decades of use of high-performance mechanical sealing technology developed by John Crane has contributed to the prevention of millions of tonnes of methane and other high-intensity greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere from oil and gas infrastructure. The same technology is being used in the energy infrastructure of the future for both hydrogen and carbon capture.

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Innovation is in our DNA

Every Smiths product, service and solution is the result of engineering and technology innovation by our expert teams, often in collaboration with our customers. We invest approximately 4% of revenue into R&D annually to improve product performance, solve new problems or move into new and growing markets. Innovation has been in our DNA for more than 170 years.

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A global leader in threat detection and security screening technologies that protect people, assets and freedom of movement.

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Smiths Interconnect

Advanced electronic components, sub-systems, optical and radio frequency products for reliable, high-speed and secure data transfer. 

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Flex Tek House


High-performance engineered solutions for the management of liquids and gases in a broad range of industry sectors.

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