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Our ESG activities are central to our purpose and fully integrated with our strategy. Sustainability – our own, and that which we deliver for our customers through our products – is a critical source of value for our company. We are proud of our performance.

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Improving our world

Smarter engineering means the type of game-changing innovations that Smiths has contributed across its history and continues to invent today, with a particular focus on green technology. 


John Crane dry gas seals in hydrogen and carbon capture applications in FY2023


Temperature that industrial gases are heated up to by our electrical open coil systems

Sustainability at Smiths framework

Our Sustainability at Smiths framework defines our material ESG topics and commitments. It ensures we focus on, and report against those areas where we create the most value.
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Supply chain

A deeper understanding and ability to influence change in our multiple supply chains is becoming increasingly critical as we seek to manage risk and make progress on all aspects of ESG.

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Sustainability at Smiths
Supply chain
Icon Net Zero
Delivering Net Zero GHG
Icon Comercialising
Commercialising high-value green technologies
Icon Natural Resources
Respecting natural resources
Icon Attracting Talent
Developing and attracting talent
Icon Improving Safety
Improving safety, health and well-being
Icon Diversity
Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion
Icon Risk
Managing risk and maintaining strong and effective controls
Icon Communities
Contributing to our communities
Icon Decision Making
Effective long-term decision making and transparency
Icon Ethically
Behaving ethically and legally
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We have committed to ambitious Net Zero targets that align us with the UN’s critical global climate objectives and the ambition to limit global warming to 1.5°C.


Our unique engineering capabilities and pioneering spirit position Smiths strongly to support customers on their journeys to decarbonise and deliver next-generation efficient and sustainable infrastructure and processes.


Natural resources are finite, and we believe that all businesses have a responsibility to use them respectfully and safely – responsibly sourcing, minimising consumption and preventing pollution.


Continual assessment and management of risks, and assurance through internal controls, is an integral part of day-to-day operations at Smiths.


Behaving ethically and with integrity is a fundamental part of our culture. We also operate in some highly regulated markets and sectors which require strict adherence to local and international industry regulations.


Good quality, ethical and effective decision-making builds sustainable businesses and enables them to create long-term value for all stakeholders.


How we are delivering environmental sustainability for our customers and our business

Commercialising HV Green Tech

Commercialising high-value green technology

Products and services that support our customers to decarbonise and deliver next-generation efficient and sustainable infrastructure.

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Green Building

Delivering net zero GHG

Net zero targets that align with the UN’s critical global climate objectives.

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Water Flowing Through Forest

Respecting natural resources

Responsibly sourcing, minimising consumption, and preventing pollution.

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Sustainability reporting and performance

We transparently report our performance and fully support emerging sustainability reporting obligations with which we are preparing to comply.

Sustainability at Smiths report FY2023
UN Sustainable Development Goals
ESG metrics, targets and disclosures
ESG metrics, targets and disclosures Excel
FT2023 additional ESG data disclosures – GHG, water, waste, VOC, energy by division Excel
TCFD disclosure
Summary GHG inventory management plan
Flex Tek Tutco Employee Rem Recycling


Our people matter – we keep them safe, help them build strong careers, and ensure that they feel valued in the workplace.

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Learn more about NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s new sustainable regional development, and how Smiths technology is contributing to efforts to accelerate the green hydrogen revolution. NEOM promises to create an entirely new model for sustainable living.

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Alberta Site

Sealing the next frontier in Canada

Learn more about Alberta’s Net-Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex, which is blazing a new trail in blue hydrogen, utilising Smiths technology. After fuel and finance, Edmonton is now progressing to the next frontier - clean energy.

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Royal Metals

Royal Metal safety

Learn more about transforming safety at Royal Metal, which specialises in design and manufacture of complex sheet metal products for the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry.

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