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Smiths Detection Scanner At Airport

Ever-rising safety and security needs 

Persistent and evolving threats are driving security needs in a range of sectors to keep people and assets safe.

International trade, transport and urban populations are growing, creating even greater demand for cutting edge threat detection and screening technology from Smiths Detection.

Freedom of movement for goods and people

Technology and services to protect life and uphold the free flow of trade.

Safer travel

Aviation security

Airports, airlines and authorities across the world trust us to provide cargo, baggage and checkpoint screening systems that keep passengers, staff and infrastructure safe from threats. 

Ports And Borders
Safer trade

Ports and borders 

In the face of escalating cross-border smuggling and illegal activities, our solutions enable authorities to rigorously monitor imports, exports, transit traffic and people, with minimal impact on traffic.

Urban Security
Safer communities

Urban security

Public transport, events and municipal settings are all areas where the need for safety and security is ever-increasing. Our cost-effective, innovative solutions respond to these rapidly changing needs.

Safer on the front line


We provide advanced chemical and explosive detectors that keep those on the frontline safe.

Smarter engineering shaping the future

Man Using Icmore Apids On Screen

New automatic object recognition software

We have launched the latest automated detection algorithm, iCMORE APIDS, a smart and adaptable automatic object recognition algorithm. It uses artificial intelligence-based algorithms to automatically detect items determined to be a security risk at airport security checkpoints such as firearms, knives, scissors, grenades, blasting caps, ammunition and blunt objects. 

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Hcvm Xt Mobile Cargo Inpection System

Screening through 12 inches of steel

The HCVM XT mobile cargo inspection system with automatic threat detection software can discriminate between materials and detect illegal substances and goods through more than 300mm of steel, making it ideal for critical border checks.

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Lcd Personal Chemical Detector

Detecting chemical threats

Our Lightweight Chemical Detector (LCD) series, in service in 58 countries, is the most widely deployed personal chemical detector globally, helping to keep armed service personnel safe. Using the XID - a plug and play adapter for the LCD 4 adding trace sampling and detection of narcotics capabilities - its use can be extended to detect even minute quantities of super toxic threats like Novichok as well as street narcotics, explosive and dangerous chemicals.

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