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Throughout our history, we have been guided and inspired by our purpose: to improve our world through smarter engineering. Our purpose describes the impact we have had across our first 170+ years, as well as our continuing commitment to moving forward.

Our priorities

Our purpose drives us forward and directs our strengths to deliver on our ESG commitments, which in turn drives value for all our stakeholders. This approach, known as the Smiths Value Engine, applies equally to the value we deliver for our customers, our colleagues and our communities and, in turn, for our shareholders.

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Our ESG priorities apply the Smiths Value Engine to deliver for all our stakeholders:

  • People priorities that enable every aspect of our success – protecting, supporting and creating ever-greater opportunities for us all
  • Growth from commercialising high-value green technologies that our customers need and want
  • Execution that improves our operations by respecting natural resources and delivering our commitments, including Net Zero

With each of these supported by robust governance that helps ensure we hold true to our values and position Smiths for sustainable success.

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Kini Pathmanathan
Head of Smiths Excellence & Sustainability
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Sustainability at Smiths framework

Our Sustainability at Smiths framework defines our material ESG topics and commitments. It ensures that we focus on, and report against, those areas where we create the most value.

Double materiality assessment

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We have completed an ESG double materiality assessment (DMA). The DMA validated our Sustainability at Smiths framework and helped to identify our best opportunities for value creation through ESG performance.

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Delivering ESG performance

Governance and delivery of ESG are integrated and embedded into our business. Our collaborative organisation model harnesses the knowledge and skills of the whole Group to drive and deliver innovation, effective execution and best practice.

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Reward incentives

Aligning reward incentives with results and impact is a cornerstone of our strategy. Portions of remuneration of our senior executives, and annual bonus outcomes of a large number of Smiths colleagues, are aligned with our Net Zero targets.

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Energy efficiency

Annual Incentive Plan FY2024

Increase energy efficiency in Smiths operations by 4.5%.

World Class Engineering
Reduction of emissions

Long-term incentive plan FY2024-FY2026

15-20% reduction in Scope 1 & 2 emissions.

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