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Natural resources are finite, and we believe that all businesses have a responsibility to use them respectfully and safely – responsibly sourcing, minimising consumption and preventing pollution.

Our performance


FY2023 normalised reduction in water use in water stressed locations vs FY2021


water reduction projects launched since FY2021


FY2023 normalised reduction in non-recyclable waste vs FY2021

Divisional projects

Environmental improvement projects are taking place in every Smiths division. Below are two representative projects. We track all of our projects and share best practices.

Family Walking Through Airport

Smiths Detection

Recycled and refurbished components and equipment are a growing part of Smiths Detection’s product ecosystem and offer to customers.
Read more about recycling and refurbishing parts and machinery. 

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Chandrayaan 3 Lunar Mission

Smiths Interconnect

Our Interconnect team in Suzhou, China has implemented a waste coolant filtration process that has cut water use and reduced hazardous waste by around 16 tonnes a year.

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Learn more about environmental sustainability at Smiths

Commercialising HV Green Tech

Commercialising high-value green technologies

Our unique engineering capabilities and pioneering spirit position Smiths strongly to support customers on their journeys to decarbonise and deliver next-generation efficient and sustainable infrastructure and processes.

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Green Building

Delivering net zero GHG

In 2023 we published our net zero/climate transition plan detailing how we will reach our target of net zero Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2040 and net zero Scope 3 emissions by 2050. 

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Sustainability Development Goals White Background

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our business activities and the way we operate enables us to contribute in a meaningful way to seven of these critical global goals.

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