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3 November 2017

  • CORSYS harnesses and analyses biometrics, communications, traffic control, and X-ray system data
  • Hardware-agnostic system supports full range of border security devices and processes and uses machine learning to assess anomalies
  • Introduction of this ground-breaking system includes ten-year support contract

Smiths Detection is proud to unveil its pioneering enterprise-level security command centre, CORSYS – a secure, cloud-based, and mobile-friendly digital ecosystem that integrates data from a vast array of devices and processes, to support critical ports and borders security.

CORSYS’ ability to consolidate information into a single command centre display eliminates the need for security operations managers to access multiple, independent bespoke systems to obtain the information they require.

It has been developed specifically for Business to Government operations to help Customs Administrators identify anomalies, manage risks more effectively and increase duty collections to significantly improve overall operational performance.

By allowing users to control their entire security operation from a single, secure window, it supports real-time awareness and rapid decision-making.

“In a ports and borders application, CORSYS can provide an overall view of the entire port, as well as assessing every single container,” said Smiths Detection’s Global Market Director for Ports & Borders, Tim Norton. “It can view data from an electronic manifest and help customs administrators generate a risk profile for each container arriving at a port, using a combination of physical and data-driven tools. It also integrates smart CCTV and third-party data sources.”

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