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28 September 2018

Smiths Interconnect announces the release of the TT9 SMT series, a new DC – 20 GHz wideband fixed attenuator series designed to provide optimal performance and power to applications in the defence market.

Smiths Interconnect has more than 40 years of experience in developing attenuation solutions for the defense industry. In radio frequency (RF), power and signal levels are usually closely correlated. The TT9 SMT is a market leader in minimizing power surges in high frequency applications, such as radar, to avoid damage to the printed circuit board and ensuring signal integrity is maintained. The TT9 SMT series ensures radar, communications and electronic warfare applications continue to function at the highest level in extreme environments and for extended durations.

“Our TT9 SMT attenuators push the boundaries of power handling and RF performance to meet the stringent needs of the most demanding applications”, says Paul Harris, VP of Sales and Marketing. “They are developed to meet the ever growing demand of higher power while ensuring a lower life cycle cost and excellent signal integrity.”

Smiths Interconnect also designs custom variations for the aerospace and telecom markets. 

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TT9 Attenuator

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