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3 October 2019

Melbourne Airport, in partnership with Smiths Detection, today announced that it has gone ‘live’ with the latest checkpoint screening technology featuring Computed Tomography (CT) X-ray in Terminal 4. The technology allows laptops and liquids to remain in bags and has been a huge success with travellers since Melbourne Airport first ran a trial in 2018.

This implementation marks Melbourne Airport as the first major airport in Australia to adopt and deploy the latest CT screening systems at its checkpoints. The domestic terminal currently features four new security lanes made up of carry-on baggage scanners, HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX, automated tray return system, iLane.evo, and screening management platform, Checkpoint.Evoplus, all designed to improve speed and security of the checkpoint screening process. Two additional units in T4 and another seven in T2, are expected to be completed over the next two months.

“Our pilot program with Smiths Detection was a huge success with passengers, giving us the confidence to enhance our security screening operations using CT technology based systems that are compliant with the Australian government regulations,” said Melbourne Airport Chief of Aviation, Andrew Gardiner. “We’ve partnered with Smiths Detection for over 10 years and we look forward to our continued partnership in shaping a better overall experience for our passengers.”

Scott Dullard, Head of Security & Emergency, Aviation for Melbourne Airport said, “The introduction of CT Technology at screening checkpoints is a great example of technology enabling two strategic focus areas for Melbourne Airport: security outcomes and passenger experience. The new technology allows analysis of 3D images, improving security outcomes by providing security staff with greater detail, and functionality to conduct their assessments. The solution also benefits passengers, as CT allows everything to stay in your bag, including laptops, resulting in a quicker screening process. Overall, we are seeing a 50 per cent reduction in passenger journey time, down to a little more than a minute.”

Each piece of the integrated checkpoint uses leading-edge technology designed to increase security, improve passenger convenience and increase operational efficiency:

  • HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX cabin baggage screening system uses Computed Tomography (CT) technology to provide the highest level of detection using 3D images with low false alarm rates. It delivers advanced explosives detection and can allow for electronics and liquids to remain in bags, helping to expedite the screening processes.
  • iLane.evo is an effective and modular smart lane design which creates a seamless screening experience via motorized automatic tray return. By delivering a steady flow of trays, the smart lane design removes bottlenecks and streamlines the screening process to deliver higher throughput and reduce operational costs.
  • Checkpoint.Evoplus fully integrates the checkpoint by combining individual components of the lane onto a single and intelligent platform. It enables remote screening by delivering scanned images to operators based at separate locations, resulting in optimised resources management and reduced operational costs.

“Smiths Detection is honoured to partner with Melbourne Airport to help them meet security standards and improve checkpoint security. As the number of passengers travelling through Melbourne Airport continues to increase, our checkpoint screening solutions ensure that their security operations can keep up with the numbers and improve passenger experience,” said Jordan Thrupp, Managing Director, Smiths Detection Australia and New Zealand. “We look forward to continuing to work with airports across Australia to ensure security compliance, particularly as the Australian government continues to enhance the aviation security screening regulations.”

Hi-Scan 6040 checkpoint scanner

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