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12 October 2017

Delivers dashboard of equipment performance analytics to increase uptime

Smiths Detection is innovating in hold baggage screening with the release of its new CORAL analytics suite. CORAL automatically and securely analyses data from diagnostic tools and sensors from multiple hold baggage detection systems, and brings all the data together in an easy to use performance dashboard.

When key equipment performance thresholds are breached, CORAL automatically issues maintenance tickets, allowing repairs to be proactively scheduled. Tests have shown that CORAL’s pro-active, preventative approach can reduce operational downtime by around 75%.

“The availability and uptime of security equipment is critical to an airport’s operational flow. Any downtime or emergency maintenance requirements put enormous pressure on operational resources and the overall network,” commented Michael Cavanaugh, Vice President of Global Service and Digital Solutions, Smiths Detection. “With CORAL, both machine condition and overall performance can be proactively monitored. This pre-emptive approach to service and repair brings a host of potential benefits, including longer equipment life; lower overall cost of ownership; and a stronger ROI for security detection systems.”

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