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17 May 2018

Smiths Interconnect releases its new DaVinci 45G 0.65mm pitch coaxial socket, an extension to the DaVinci 45G portfolio, which provides reliable and superior performance for high speed testing and is specifically designed to meet changing customer needs.


The rise of the internet of things, 5G, artificial intelligence, and autonomous cars, among others, is driving the need for more powerful, faster and smaller devices. As manufacturers pack more features into devices, space on the overall printed circuit board is diminishing which is fueling the trend for smaller integrated circuit (IC) packages (chips).


As these chips get smaller managing heat and power becomes increasingly difficult and can effect the overall performance of the device. Many of these chips are used in mission critical applications such as autonomous driving where any fault could be fatal. Electronic manufacturers depend on reliable, fast testing of these chips to ensure their products work seamlessly. They need test sockets that can meet the required frequency so that the chips can be tested effectively without interrupting or slowing their operations.

Smiths Interconnect’s new DaVinci 45G test socket uses a unique conductive material and special coaxial structure which is insulated using a tough coating for superior durability and reliability, allowing it to test higher bandwidths at faster speeds. This can’t be achieved with traditional materials and designs. The DaVinci is an example of continued innovation in product design, developed to meet the changing needs of our customers.

“The continuous innovation on the DaVinci series addresses the growing demand to accommodate complex functional integration of ICs for higher performance in smaller form factors,” said Paul Harris, Sales and Marketing Vice President at Smiths Interconnect.

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DaVinci 45G 

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