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7 March 2018

Products pre-tested and certified for space use will help customers save time and money

Smiths Interconnect has launched its new SpaceNXT™ HC series of pre-tested, cost-effective products for next-generation commercial space applications.

The HC series attenuators help maintain a consistent signal between satellites, spacecraft and the Earth in the most demanding and mission-critical environments.

The HC series is part of an overarching drive by Smiths Interconnect to create a full range of higher-reliability products for next-generation space applications that are readily available to the market. By offering components that are pre-tested and certified for space use, we are helping customers reduce the time it takes them to create and launch their products.

The commercial space market is booming, spurred on by a renewed interest in space exploration – the recent high-profile activities of space companies are inspiring a new generation to look to the stars.

“The SpaceNXT™ product portfolio provides our customers a combination of highly reliable technology and lower cost of ownership”, says Paul Harris, VP of Marketing & Sales. “We are creating a more streamlined shopping experience by shifting the product testing responsibility from the customer to us. This allows then to enjoy the benefits of our renowned expertise in the space market.”

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