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17 July 2006

Smiths Aerospace at Farnborough 2006

SMITHS Aerospace, part of the global engineering business Smiths Group, has been awarded a contract to supply the in-flight refuelling fuel probe for the Airbus A400M aircraft with a potential value of $35 million.

First delivery of flight hardware is expected in July 2007. The in-flight refuelling probe will be manufactured at the Smiths Aerospace facility in Hamble, United Kingdom. The A400M aircraft will complete initial certification and entry into service in 2009.

"Smiths builds on its solid reputation as a supplier to Airbus on the A340 & A380 of major structural components and as a leading supplier of in-flight refuelling equipment to provide Airbus the best all around solution for this requirement," said Dr. John Ferrie, President, Smiths Aerospace.

The Smiths Aerospace in-flight refuelling probe will comprise a hybrid metallic and composite structure of approx 4.5 M in length resistant to ballistic and lightening strike damage and capable of supporting modern fuel inerting system requirements. Smiths Aerospace currently supplies the in-flight refuelling probes for Tornado and Eurofighter Typhoon.


About the A400M
The A400M airlifter is a cost-effective, high-speed turboprop aircraft specifically designed to meet the harmonised needs of European NATO nations and which equally fulfils the requirements of other air forces around the world. Designed to fill the gap between the C-130 and the C-17, the A400M will provide both tactical and strategic capability. The aircraft will be powered by four modern, turboprop engines driving state-of-the-art eight-bladed propellers, a choice based upon considerations of both performance and fuel economy, providing cruising speeds of up to Mach 0.72 and altitudes up to 37,000 feet.

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