Developing talent

Our organisational commitment is to ensure that all our colleagues have opportunities to develop their skills and reach their full potential.

Colleagues have access to a developing range of personal and skills growth resources as they progress in their careers including specialist technical and functional and externally accredited programmes. We are currently honing our leadership programmes to better support business needs and so that our leaders can more effectively support their teams.

Internal Talent Mobility

There are many opportunities for people to grow their careers at Smiths. Our structured and diverse approach to succession planning enables us to identify and develop high-potential individuals from a broad pool of colleagues from all geographical regions, specialised skill sets and industry experience. We will continue to invest in internal talent mobility as a significant source of value for Smiths.

Enhancing Technical Careers
Our people can do remarkable things. While our divisions serve different markets, there is much common ground in the qualities and skill sets required in our technical teams as they enable us to deliver efficiently and create new products for the future. Group-wide technical communities where groups of specialists can connect, share problems and ideas, and contribute to delivery of our strategy are being created at Smiths. We are also continuing to focus on early career talent to bring young engineers into our overall talent pool.
The SUMMIT technical careers programme operating at John Crane and Smiths Detection is designed to broaden opportunities for technical colleagues by providing a unique and transparent methodology for technical career progression. The programme challenges ambitious individuals to invest in their technical development and empowers John Crane’s and Smiths Detection’s technical leaders to recognise and reward achievement by individuals.
Recognising and rewarding colleagues in a fair, open and meaningful way is an important underpin to developing talent. We are committed to fair pay practices and ensuring that colleagues participate in our success.