Responsible Business

Behaving ethically. Working safely. Reducing environmental impacts. Developing and engaging our people. Contributing to our communities. Being responsible is simply fundamental to Smiths.
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Our Net Zero 2040 Commitment

Throughout our history, our dedication to quality has meant we’ve used resources wisely by creating products that last and need replacing less often. And around how we operate we’ve had robust performance targets in place to help minimise our impacts on the environment since 2007.

We’re proud to have committed to Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2040 from Operations. We’ll achieve this through five broad areas: buying renewable energy for operations, adopting on-site renewable energy where practical, continuing to increase energy efficiency at sites, pursuing new technology to sustainably heat our buildings and converting to a greener vehicle fleet. And we’ll continue to identify opportunities to minimise our environmental impact across our global business.


We're committed to using energy and natural resources efficiently and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Our aim is to minimise any adverse effects our activities, products and services may have on the environment.

We monitor energy and water usage, waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions across all our sites – recording year-on-year improvements against all of our performance targets since FY07. We’ve also achieved a 47% absolute reduction in CO2 emissions across our business in that time– which equates to a 59% reduction normalised to revenue.

We continue to identify opportunities for reduction across our global business.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is our top priority. Wherever we operate, we aim to provide injury-free workplaces for both our people and anyone visiting our facilities. We do this by implementing Group-wide activities to improve our safety culture, behaviours and risk reduction.

We encourage all colleagues to take personal responsibility for working safely. We look for feedback and ideas on how to improve safety. In FY20 we achieved a record-low recordable injury rate of 0.30 injuries per 100 people which is 25% better than FY19. But even one injury is too many. We want to make Smiths an even safer place to work.

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Ethics and Compliance

Being ethical is about applying our Smiths values to our behaviour, actions and decisions every day. Our values are at the heart of what it means to be Smiths and underpin our ethics and compliance approach.

We're committed to upholding high ethical standards wherever we operate around the world, and are guided by our Smiths Code of Business Ethics.

Our communities

We aim to contribute positively to the communities in which we operate. That involves providing employment opportunities and playing a beneficial role in local economies, as well as community involvement through charitable giving and education initiatives.

Our charitable giving is allocated to registered charities and non-profit organisations that have connections to the industries we operate in. Our contributions aim to enhance the well-being of people through improved education, health and welfare or environment.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Smiths’ success depends on the diverse perspectives our teams bring to work every day. Our workplace respects, values and supports each individual for their diversity. By embracing our differences, we will attract, retain, and inspire a highly engaged workforce and be better prepared to outperform our competitors.

Guided by the Smiths Way and our core value of Respect, diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, but necessary for our organisation to be more innovative, drive employee engagement and help our employees feel they belong at Smiths.

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Covid-19 Response

Our Smiths Way of working and our values underpin everything we do. Early in the Covid-19 pandemic we defined three key priorities the safety of our people, keep our business running and deliver for our customers.

Thanks to the dedication and expertise of our people, we have proved the strength and resilience of Smiths despite the challenges that COVID-19 presents. We are especially grateful to our frontline workers who have worked tirelessly to keep themselves and others safe as they create, distribute and support our products, and deliver for our customers.