Supporting Women in Engineering

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Smiths engineers are heroes. They help us solve the world’s challenges. They’re the heart of Smiths. We believe a diverse and inclusive team brings a broader perspective. And delivers better innovation and superior solutions.

At Smiths we have many talented female engineers. But we need more. We want to inspire future generations of women to pursue engineering and technology as a career.

Check out the stories of some of our talented women. Why they chose engineering. The different paths they took. And how today they’re helping Smiths create the future.


    Sophie reflects on her career at Smiths Detection and on the theme of International Women in Engineering day 2021: Engineering Heroes.

  • “My career gives me the chance to solve tough problems!”
    Three engineers from our John Crane division share their experiences. 
  • Curiosity, imagination and creativity
    The personal qualities at the heart of engineering says Smiths Non-Executive Board Director Dame Ann Dowling.
  • “The culture here is fantastic – there’s a real focus on learning through doing.”

    Allyssa Skidmore, Director of Research, Development and Technology explains why the culture at Smiths makes it such a great place to learn.

meet our engineers

Darshana D Dhabale
Darshana D Dhabale

Seek inspiration from everything around you

John Crane gives me the space to take the visions that come from dreams and apply the magic of science and mathematics. I feel so powerful – an engineering hero - to be able to add the expertise of my profession and my knowledge of nature's materials to create a design that is not just unique, but also sustainable.

Lavanya N
Lavanya N

Be better than yesterday

Smiths provides an environment where I am encouraged to constantly learn, put forward my creative ideas, and apply my skills for professional and personal development. We often go through the security and screening process in our everyday life which makes understanding and solving the problems interesting and more enjoyable.

Dame Ann Dowling
Dame Ann Dowling

Curiosity, imagination and creativity

The personal qualities at the heart of engineering says Dame Ann Dowling.

Tracy Cai at desk
Tracy Cai

Make the impossible possible!

Tracy Cai describes her journey to becoming a successful senior engineer – through sheer determination and being “crazy about learning”.

Jiao Yang

Engineering: the solution isn't always technical

Whilst studying to be an engineer, Jiao Yang focused on her technical abilities but when she began solving real-world problems it became apparent that her soft skills were just as important.

Christie Twist

Making an impact as an engineer

Christie Twist is a specialist in a relatively new field of engineering but one that pervades our everyday lives. Even if we don't know it.

Michelle L'Heureux

From engineer to massage therapist: why taking a career break can be beneficial

After leaving the engineering sector to become a massage therapist Michelle L’Heureux decided it was time to return.