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Sales and Service Engineer

What attracted you to a career in engineering?

The ability to find and deliver a solution to ‘the big problems’ faced by our world requires an insatiable, free-flowing curiosity about how things work - but also a logical, structured way of thinking. It’s a fascinating blend that makes every day at work interesting. And, as the saying goes: ‘If you really enjoy your work, you never work a day in your life!’

What are the prospects for women Engineers?

As numerous pioneering women have now proved: occupation is not defined by gender. Whilst the total percentage of female engineers is still relatively low, there is an ever-increasing number who are recognised for their technical and commercial skills in this field of work, and fully respected as equals.

If you are lucky enough to join a company like Smiths, where you’re seen as an engineer first yet your femininity is fully respected, you will find that your value is measured purely by your contribution to your team and its goals. And that your professional success is constrained only by your willingness to learn, work and grasp the opportunities provided.

What makes Smiths a great company to work for?

Since its inception in 1851, Smiths has understood that diverse perspectives and experiences can give us ‘the pioneering edge’. This has helped it grow into a global company with a great culture of inclusion and diversity.

Smiths recognises the many qualities that women bring to our engineering teams, including reliability, energy, fresh ideas and strong communication skills. In return, the company provides us with equal opportunities to learn new skills, lead projects and progress our careers.

Our ESG framework

Career path

  • Degree: mechanical engineering, the Technological University of Bolivar (UTB)
  • Researcher, DIPROM Research Group of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of UTB
  • First job: Coordinator of mechanical workshop, Chevrolet
  • Joined John Crane in Colombia, in 2006. Roles included:
    • First woman hired as a sales and service engineer
    • Smiths Way Ambassador
  • Professional development and qualifications achieved whilst at John Crane include:
    • MBA, UTB o Marketing management specialist, UTB
    • Miller Heiman's Course: ‘Strategic Selling’
    • Yellow Belt certification
    • Course: ‘Operation and Centrifugal Pumps’, ACIEM
    • Advanced Course: ‘Mechanical Seals, API Plans and Failure Analysis’
    • Good practice training
    • Numerous product training courses
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Smiths has a great culture of Inclusion and Diversity in all its businesses.
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