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Welcome to the dedicated page for our 2023 John Crane Deep Dive.

The event opens with Smiths Group CEO, Paul Keel, providing a strategic update, and features presentations from the John Crane senior leadership team.

Bernard Cicut, John Crane President, covers how we implement our strategy to serve our end markets and create sustainable competitive advantage; Sook Won Moon, VP Sales & Aftermarket, covers key commercial aspects of our business; Frank Ma, VP of New Energy Solutions, discusses how our expertise and proven portfolio of products and services supports customers in the energy transition; and Rob Sharman, VP Customer Operations, discusses how we execute from first order through to OE delivery and aftermarket service.

See below for the presentations, and other materials from the event.

Watch the individual presentations

Capital Markets Event 2023 Smiths Group Update

Smiths Group update

Paul Keel, Chief Executive Officer

Capital Markets Event 2023 Smiths Strategy

A powerful example of Smiths’ strategy in action

Bernard Cicut, John Crane President

Capital Markets Event 2023 Customer Led Growth

Customer-led growth

Sook Won Moon, VP Sales & Aftermarket

Capital Markets Event 2023 New Energy Solutions

New energy solutions

Frank Ma, VP New Energy Solutions

Capital Markets Event 2023 Optimising Customer Delivery

Optimising customer delivery

Rob Sharman, VP Customer Operations

Capital Markets Event 2023 Highlights Reel

Highlights reel

Watch our highlights reel of the event, featuring Paul Keel and Clare Scherrer

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Capital Markets Day 2022

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Shareholder services

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Investor contacts

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