Supervisor, Accelerated Development Program – John Crane

Adrian Conrad

Adrian Conrad

My journey with Smiths started immediately after university when I joined John Crane. I joined as a traveling support engineer throughout the US, before relocating to New Orleans. I spent a few years there as a customer reliability engineer before taking over a similar role in the US Virgin Islands. From there I relocated to Chicago to work within our global engineering team and in 2014 I took over developing and then managing our ‘engineeringU’ Accelerated Development Program.

John Crane gave me the opportunity to get to work immediately out of university. I developed as a young engineer by working alongside experienced reliability and sales engineers, working with multiple end-user customers and traveling all across North America.

Helping recruit and inspire our next generation of innovative engineers into the engineering programme, watching them progress and then make an immediate impact as they take up permanent engineering roles is incredibly inspiring.

Smiths keeps me sharp and continues to challenge me as an engineer each and every day, and helps me continue to develop my skills and grow as a leader through engaging leadership development programs.