Director, Global Projects – John Crane

Sook Won Moon

Sook Won Moo

Sook Won Moon

Since joining 20 years ago I have continually grown my experience and learning at John Crane. I’ve held Internal and External Sales, Key Account Manager and Regional Project Manager roles, in Asia, Europe and now the US.

My current role is Director of International Global Projects managing a global team of 70 people in nine countries. We monitor major industry investments around the world, make recommendations on which to pursue and see the project through to execution.

I was attracted to John Crane and Smiths because of the strong reputation and high quality of the people in the organisation.

I’m continually inspired by how committed everyone is to making a personal, positive difference both for the company and for themselves. We have a strong collaborative culture – there are always people available who want to help.

One of the best thing about Smiths is that once you’re ready to take a challenge, you can find opportunities to do it. Working for 21 years at John Crane has given me continuous personal development opportunities in different business models and exposed me to customers in contrasting vertical markets across different product lines and services.