External frameworks and recognition

We look outside the company when setting our priorities to make sure that we are learning from our peers and contributing to global progress in ESG matters. We follow established reporting standards and transparently share our data with third-party ratings agencies to benchmark our processes and performance.
Un Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)
Business has a vital role to play in delivering the SDGs. Our business activities, the way we operate, and our ESG framework and priorities enable us to contribute in a meaningful and practical way to eight of these critical global goals.
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Science-Based Targets
We have committed to set Science-Based Targets through the SBT initiative (SBTi) and were delighted to be one of the early signatories to the UN 1.5º C Business Ambition under the UN Race for Zero, covering all three scopes of GHG emissions. 
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External Ratings


Member of FTSE4Good index

CDP: Climate change B, Water security B

MSCI: AA Leader in the sector

Sustainalytics ESG: ESG Industry top rated

ISS ESG: Rating: C, Decile rank: 5, Governance: 2, Environment: 3, Social: 3