Commercialising high-value green technologies

We support customers and industries that are leading the way to a sustainable future by developing and implementing green technology solutions targeting climate risk, energy transition and next generation, efficient infrastructure. Developing and commercialising sustainability-advantaged products and services will enable Smiths to have an even greater positive impact on global environmental priorities than we could achieve on our own.
John Crane
John Crane is uniquely positioned to support global industries and countries as they transform to meet increasing demand for energy, while pursuing critical decarbonisation and the transition to clean energy sources.
Smiths Detection
Smiths Detection is supporting safety, security and freedom of movement across a range of markets including aviation, ports and borders and urban security. Customers operating in these sectors share our objectives to reduce energy use and emissions while maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the infrastructure and systems that keep us safe. 
John Crane is currently engaged in over 20 Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) projects worldwide, and is developing new solutions toward improving the reliability, cost and efficiency of transporting carbon dioxide. At the present time, nearly 80% of all carbon dioxide injected underground uses John Crane sealing technologies.
Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX cabin baggage scanner has the lowest energy use compared to similar products on the market. It also meets the ECAC EDS CB C3 checkpoint security standard which enables passengers, when jurisdictions permit, to leave liquids in their bags, helping reduce the need for single use plastic bags and other small plastic containers.
Technology leadership and a vertically integrated engineering design and manufacturing model uniquely position Flex-Tek to enable the success of our customers and strategic partners who are leading the way in building efficiency, electrical heating and the transition to low- and zero-carbon fuel sources and industrial processes.
Smiths Interconnect
Smiths Interconnect’s high-performance connectivity solutions can be leveraged across a range of market segments and platforms that support the energy transition agenda, critical communications and monitoring, and the electrification and smarter systems requirements of sustainable modern cities.  
In FY2022, Flex-Tek entered a strategic partnership with Midrex Technologies, Inc (Midrex) to deliver a solution for production-scale decarbonisation of Midrex’s market-leading Direct Reduction of Iron (DRI) process to create ‘green steel’. The Midrex process replaces the fossil fuels used in traditional DRI steel production with hydrogen and creates water vapour as the effluent gas rather than CO2.
Smiths Interconnect has established a Go-Green team focused on accelerating opportunities in the division’s industrial and automotive segments, primarily exploring technology for green energy, including high-voltage charging for electric vehicles (EVs).