22 October 2018

Smiths Interconnect launch LAB-FLEX® for consistent electrical performance in extreme conditions


Smiths Interconnect introduced its new Lab-Flex® T Series of flexible coaxial cable assemblies. The T cable assemblies are mechanically robust and specifically designed to minimise phase change when subjected to a wide range of operational temperatures.

This makes them an ideal choice for system applications under extreme temperature and environmental conditions such as Radar, Test & Measurement, and Space applications.

Lab-Flex® T cable assemblies allow for minimum phase change while maintaining excellent return loss. Their special foam dielectric material provides a much lower attenuation than solid PTFE. Precision Connector interfaces meet MIL-STD-348 requirements and are designed for maximum frequency capability.

“Customers have asked for a supplier capable of producing cable assemblies with more consistent electrical performance over higher frequencies, larger temperature extremes, and across higher volumes. Lab-Flex® T Series are rugged and phase stable and the ideal fit for high volume platform programmes”, says Paul Harris, VP of Sales & Marketing.

For more information visit www.smithsinterconnect.com



Lab Flex T

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