27 March 2013

Smiths Detection wins €17.8m Azerbaijan contract

Smiths Detection, part of global technology business Smiths Group, today announced a €17.8 million contract to supply the Azerbaijan customs authorities with high energy cargo scanners for security checks at ports and borders.

The X-ray scanners, due to be installed this year, will be used to inspect freight, including railway wagons, as part of a customs modernization project already underway. Four similar gantry systems were sold to the Caucasian republic last year.

Hans Zirwes, Vice President of International Sales for Smiths Detection, said: “This latest contract underlines the quality of our advanced scanning systems and our strong customer relationships. Azerbaijan customs set a high value on the system’s excellent image definition and ability to transmit images to their headquarters in Baku for more data analysis and storage”.

The HCVG and HCVT screening systems are used to inspect trucks, containers, vehicles and wagons for explosives, weapons, narcotics, and contraband.  They reduce the need for manual inspection and can also be used for manifest verification. The X-ray imaging capability gives the operator a quick and detailed view of contents that discriminates between organic and inorganic material. The HCVG can check up to 23 trucks per hour.

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