13 May 2008

Smiths buys Chinese microwave electronics firm

SMITHS Group, the global technology company, today announces the purchase of Allrizon Tongguang, a Shanghai-based communications equipment firm, from private owners for an undisclosed cash sum.

Allrizon complements and extends Smiths Interconnect's microwave business. It focuses on the design and manufacture of radio frequency (RF) filters and related products for the wireless telecommunications infrastructure market. In calendar year 2007, Allrizon posted sales of £5.3 million.

Paul Cox, Group Managing Director of Smiths Specialty Engineering, said: "This acquisition  effectively adds to Smiths Interconnect's footprint in China where some 70% of the world's wireless telecommunications infrastructure equipment is made.

"Allrizon offers first-class technology, providing new channels to market and enhanced relationships with the rapidly growing Chinese telecoms manufacturers.  Combined with Interconnect's existing activity in Shanghai, Allrizon will expand our manufacturing base and create a microwave centre of excellence aimed at securing business with both indigenous and international manufacturers that operate within China."

Within China, Allrizon is a technology leader in its chosen field with a 40-strong engineering team among its 282 employees.

The global wireless communications market for RF filters and systems is estimated to be  £700 million and is forecast to grow by around 7% annually to 2011. Growth rates are even higher in China itself.



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