15 September 2006

Smiths donates medical equipment to World Health Organisation

SMITHS Medical, part of the global engineering business Smiths Group, today announced it has donated £150,000 worth of medical equipment to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The surgical equipment will be shipped to Lebanon from the UK following an appeal for medical aid by the WHO, which is coordinating the local and international medical response in the war-affected areas of the country.

At the start of the recent hostilities in July, the WHO asked the Sussex-based charity International Health Partners (IHP) to provide emergency medical kits for immediate use in the field as well as a months supply of the 55 most-needed medicines.

Smiths Medical responded to the appeal with a £150,000 donation that includes tracheal tubes, infant tracheostomy tubes, epidural systems and anaesthesia trays. All the equipment meets specific requests by the WHO.

Srini Seshadri, Managing Director of Smiths Medical, said: We are delighted to be able to donate this medical equipment to the World Health Organization to assist them in their valuable work.

Anthony Dunnett, President of IHP, said: The humanitarian need is still very great. With the air embargo still in place there is the very real risk of a critical shortage of the most needed medicines.


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