04 May 2006

Smiths signs major contract to supply carry-on luggage screening equipment for Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Smiths Detection checkpoint x-ray technology to be used in airport expansion project

SMITHS Detection, part of the global engineering business Smiths Group, today announced it has signed a multi-million dollar contract to supply x-ray systems to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Under the contract, part of the airport expansion project, Smiths Detection will supply 70 of its HI-SCAN 6040i systems to screen carry-on luggage. Delivery will be completed by May 2007.

Mal Maginnis, President of Smiths Detection Asia Pacific, said: This contract with Shanghai Pudong International Airport is yet another example of Smiths Detections focus on delivering high quality checkpoint x-ray technology to the China transportation market. The decision to select our HI-SCAN 6040i, in preference to other x-ray systems, followed a full evaluation by Shanghai Pudong International Airport who placed the greatest emphasis on quality and value for money in their decision. Smiths Detection looks forward to playing a significant role in ensuring the integrity of security at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in the future.


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