23 May 2006

Smiths introduces new hand-held chemical analyser for emergency responders in Europe

RespondeR RCI to complement Smiths HazMatID analyser in the identification of unknown liquids, powders and solids

SMITHS Detection, part of the global engineering business Smiths Group, today introduced its latest chemical analysing system RespondeR RCI for emergency responders in Europe.

RespondeR, a hand-held analyser based on Raman spectroscopy, is a highly accurate device for the analysis of unidentified chemical substances including unknown liquids, powders and solids.

The new system is designed to complement the widely deployed Smiths Detection HazMatID system and offers a confirming, independent analysis of unidentified chemicals, in seconds.

Based on Raman technology, RespondeR will identify toxic industrial chemicals, nerve and blister agents, weapons of mass destruction, explosives, narcotics and common chemicals at a hazard site in seconds. It has already been launched in the North American market where it has achieved strong initial sales.

The system will non-intrusively analyse substances directly or through glass or plastic containers. RespondeRs Raman system creates a unique spectral signature by measuring the interaction of a low-power laser with a sample of the chemical substance being investigated. As with the HazMatID, this signature is matched against an onboard database library of known chemicals, to identify the substance.

Smiths Detection has implemented innovative software that unites the complementary information from the HazMatID and the RespondeR via wireless Bluetooth communication to perform advanced analyses.

A sample is run on both instruments, and the RespondeR data transferred to the HazMatID. Then at the touch of a single button, the HazMatID performs an advanced search of its on-board databases. Gathered on a single platform, the data may be subject to further statistical analysis with the HazMatID software. The entire process, from independent data collection on each device, through to advanced search results, is completed in less than 2 minutes.

Smiths Detection has sold hundreds of its proven HazMatID system to fire department HazMat teams, law enforcement units, the military and a variety of other agencies and inspection teams. The HazMatID is a tool that measures the way chemical samples interact with infrared light, with each substance generating a unique infrared fingerprint. The HazMatID system instantly compares the fingerprint against a database to provide the identity of the unknown substance.

Download RespondeR RCI fact sheet


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