Capital Gains Tax

A charge to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) may arise when you dispose of an asset which has increased in value in the UK. You are liable to pay tax on the total chargeable gain made in any one tax year that is in excess of the annual exemption limit after various reliefs have been given.

If you made a loss, this can reduce any CGT you may have to pay on the sale of other assets.

You should consult HMRC or an appropriate financial adviser if you have any doubts or queries.

We regret that neither we, nor our Registrar, can advise individuals on CGT.

However, the following documents may assist you to look into your UK CGT liabilities following capital restructuring at Smiths Group.

Return of Cash circular to shareholders Part 6 - Rights and Restrictions attaching to Deferred Shares describes the form of the shares and their transfer restrictions and Part 8 - UK taxation is also relevant.

Read the advice on apportionment of base cost of Smiths shares.

Other information includes the RNS announcement of the repurchase and cancellation of Deferred Shares