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Admin Supervisor

Chatcharee Kampeera has been part of the Smiths Family for 17 years, joining in September 2006. She is based in Smiths Detection Thailand as Admin Supervisor

What is the key reason for you to stay at Smiths for 17 years?

First, I am thankful for the past 17 years at Smiths Detection Thailand. My colleagues and my line-manager are great. We don’t just talk about work, we also talk about our family and lives, and care for each other.

What is your proudest achievement at Smiths?

For me, it’s having been able to support my line-manager to reach final acceptance together with a valued customer to secure a major contract.

What makes Smiths company culture stand out?

I believe that a great core-value of Smiths is customer centricity - that we care for customers and that we are constantly looking to exceed customer satisfaction levels. I am always pleased and inspired when I can help customers.

What makes Smiths a great place to work?

In my opinion, Smiths Detection is such a great place to work that I never look for any other opportunities. I love working in my office and really feel that we treat each other as if we were a family.

Tell us about one of your best moments here at Smiths?

In 2021, there was an explosion of chemical factory next to our office which damaged the building. I came to the office straight after it happened to check the safety and security of office and colleagues in it – an action that my line-manager and colleagues commended. It made me realise how I love this company as my home.

What advice would you give to colleagues who have just started their career at Smiths?

I would say embrace being part of the Smiths family and make the effort to get to know your colleagues. This might be from Thai culture where we always like to help others, especially the new joiners, when settling in. We always have lunch as a team and it’s a nice way to learn more about each other.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Work hard but make sure you keep your work-life balance. Care for others and help selflessly. Take initiative at work, but also be empathetic and consider others.

What makes you excited about your future at Smiths?

I’m so proud of the job I have now as admin supervisor that I am looking forward continuing my work there, and connecting all departments to ensure that the business maintains its smooth running.

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In 2021, there was an explosion of a chemical factory next to our office which damaged the building… It made me realise how I love this company as my home.