Our strategy

We have a vision for our business: We are proud to be Smiths, pushing boundaries to deliver innovative solutions for the world's challenges.

This drives us towards our ambition: To establish Smiths as one of the world’s leading technology companies.

We'll achieve our ambition through our strategy: To outperform our chosen markets and deliver world-class competitiveness and innovation, underpinned by our strong financial framework. 

Outperform our chosen markets
We actively and constantly manage our portfolio of businesses, with the aim of being competitively positioned in attractive global markets with strong long-term profitable growth prospects.

That means serving markets where we can sustainably achieve a top three leadership position. Today we consider 75% of our portfolio to be well positioned, up from 60% in 2016, with more to come.
Deliver World-class competitiveness
We drive outperformance and competitiveness through increased investment in R&D and innovation, supported by our i3 group-wide innovation framework; by a relentless focus on excellent execution through our shared operating model (the Smiths Excellence System) to improve speed and efficiency across our whole value chain; and by building a learning organisation through our people plan that's all about enabling our colleagues to be the best they can be.
Smiths Interconnect Product Closeup
Strong financial framework
Our strong financial framework gives us the flexibility to create superior returns and invest in our growth. It helps us manage our business efficiently.

That includes optimising the generation of cash and allocating our capital to the best organic and inorganic opportunities to drive growth. Guided by our strong governance framework and robust approach to risk management and financial control, it helps us create value for our stakeholders.
Our strategy explained

This short video shows our colleagues how our culture, strategy and operating model all fit together to help us create value in our business.