Smiths Interconnect

What we do

Smiths Interconnect is a preferred supplier of advanced electronic components, subsystems, optical and radio frequency products for customers requiring reliable, high-speed and secure connectivity, often in harsh environments.

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A global presence

  • £387m
    revenue in FY2023
  • 16%
    Operating profit margin
  • c.2,800
  • 13%
    of Group revenue

Our products in action

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  • Semiconductor test – test socket and probe card solutions for higher-performing applications (graphics processing, artificial intelligence and data communication) for a broad range of chip manufacturers
  • Connectors – high-reliability electrical interconnect solutions for specialised applications across a broad range of healthcare, industrial, transport and aerospace customers
  • Fibre-optics and radio frequency (RF) components – broad range of devices, transceivers for demanding high-reliability environments – especially with space and aerospace customers
  • Smiths Interconnect Inc. – antenna systems, multi-function RF systems, as well as time and frequency solutions for aerospace and defence customers

Competitive strengths


  • Broad portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and products
  • Strong research and engineering capabilities
  • Customer intimacy and product customisation
  • Global reach and support

Growth drivers


  • Increased demand for faster data transmission, greater bandwidth and faster processing power in aerospace, defence and communications
  • Growth of connectivity, as the world becomes more connected, driven by trends including the Internet of Things, Big Data, Internet of Space, Industry 4.0
  • Development of healthcare technology



Competitors include Amphenol, TE Connectivity, Molex, Cobham, Glenair, Honeywell, Anaren, Leeno and Winway

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