What we do

Flex-Tek's innovative components are used to heat and move fluids and gases across aerospace, consumer products, construction, medical and industrial applications.

Specialised heating elements and thermal systems provide consistent temperature to improve heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment. They’re also used in the manufacturing of medical devices, along with hoses which are used in medical diagnostic equipment. Our hoses help reliably deliver fuel and brake fluid to vehicles, helping keep people safe on the roads and playing a crucial role in the next generation of autonomous vehicles.

You’ll also find our high-performance flexible and rigid fluid management tubing assemblies in commercial and military aircraft globally providing reliable, efficient delivery of hydraulic fluids and jet fuel.

We’re enabling safe worldwide travel and creating comfortable home and working environments.

A global presence

Flex-Tek operations are principally located in the US and Mexico. Flex-Tek is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of open coil heating elements that are used in domestic appliances.

  • £338m
    2017 revenue
  • £65m
    2017 headline operating profit
  • 2,100
  • 8

“The need for safer, more energy-efficient solutions gives us the opportunity to establish leadership positions across our markets”

Our markets

Across the general industrial, medical technology, space and aerospace markets, Flek-Tek provides solutions for domestic appliance original equipment manufacturers, aerospace and airframe manufacturers, and the US construction industry.

Customers include Watsco, Ferguson, Boeing, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Samsung and Trane and Carrier.

Our solutions

Our fluid management solutions include hose and hose assemblies, rigid and flexible ducting, helix reinforced hoses, wire braid reinforcement and corrugated stainless steel tubing.

Heating solutions include open coil heating elements and tubular, strip and infrared heaters. We have leading capabilities in the design and manufacture of heating solutions for bespoke applications.


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