What we do

When you travel by air, use your phone, go through an airport, cook a meal or heat your home – look closer and you will see us. 

We’re a technology group driven by innovation. We work with our customers to create the future. To invent, design and deliver solutions that keep systems working, operations running and the modern world turning.  
supporting vital industry

We support global energy and process industries with our leading seals that can significantly cut down green-house gas emissions and reduce wastage.

John Crane is a leader in its field and boasts one of the largest global service networks in the sector to help customers keep their essential processes running. 

making the world safer

Delivering high precision scanners that detect and authenticate security threats and contraband in the world’s major ports, airports, venues and urban areas.

Smiths Detection has the expertise and global reach to help our customers keep people safe from harm. 

connecting the world

Providing solutions for high-speed, secure connectivity in the harshest environments in everything from fighter jets and railways, to space stations and the Mars Rover.

Smiths Interconnect helps ensure electronic signals reach their destination every time, from here on Earth to the depths of space, and keep the world connected.

moving fluids & gases

Delivering highly specialised fluid management for hydraulic and fuel systems in everything from homes to jet aircraft.

Flex-Tek heats and moves fluids and gases, to create comfortable homes and workplaces, and to enable safe global travel. 

Where we operate

Smiths spans the planet with operations in more than 50 countries. So when our customers need support - we're there.