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Smiths Group Foundation - Contributing to our communities

The Foundation will allot grants to charitable organisations and outcomes of the grants will focus on three areas:

  • Improving access to quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education and skills for underrepresented groups
  • Improving safety and connectedness within communities
  • Improving the environmental sustainability of those communities.
Kansas - Foodbank

Smiths Group is a company with an incredible heritage. We have been in continuous operation now for over 170 years and we have always been a purpose driven company. Our purpose is ‘improving our world through smarter engineering’.

The mission of our Foundation is central to Smiths Group’s purpose and we are committing an initial £10m of funding starting in August 2023, to drive positive impacts for our communities.

As well as the fiscal support, Smiths is broadening its volunteering pro-bono initiatives, providing further opportunities to support causes close to the hearts of our people and bringing Smiths engineering and science excellence to bear.

John Ostergren
John Ostergren, Chief Sustainability Officer at Smiths Group

“We are proud to take this step honouring and extending Smiths Group’s longstanding commitment to our many communities around the world. Strong communities benefit us all and at Smiths we recognise the practical importance and many rewards of giving back. The Smiths Group Foundation will help increase our impact, deliver on our purpose and create lasting value for all of our stakeholders.”

Vera Kirikova
Vera Kirikova, Chief People Officer at Smiths Group

“For us at Smiths it’s so important to make a meaningful contribution to society. There is a great deal of excitement about the Foundation internally and we look forward to connecting the enthusiasm and expertise of our people at Smiths to make a positive impact on the communities.”

Mark Greer
Mark Greer, Managing Director for Giving and Impact, Charities Aid Foundation

“We are delighted to have helped bring the Smiths Group Foundation to life. The commitment of Smiths Group employees and its leadership to generate impact in the communities where they are present has been clearly demonstrated in our work with them. We hope they set an example which is followed by many other global companies who can play an essential role in addressing the most pressing issues in society."

China - blood pressure test
How does it work?

The Foundation will be directed by a committee of Smiths employees who will review grant applications and determine how to allocate funds. The Foundation and committee will be supported by CAF, a globally renowned and highly respected organisation working with donors and charities across the world to accelerate progress in society towards a fair and sustainable future for all. Smiths will benefit from CAF’s guidance and knowledge of best practice to help create a compelling strategy and robust governance structure, identify those causes where Smiths can make the most impact, and work with recipients to measure the impact of grants.

Tijuana - women engineers


Images on this page relate to Smiths Group’s broader volunteering and community outreach, not the Foundation. These examples are sourced from Smiths Interconnect’s ‘Beyond Boundaries’ community outreach programme which includes volunteering at schools, care homes, hospitals, and other community organisations.