Respecting natural resources

Natural resources are finite, and we believe that all businesses have a responsibility to use them respectfully and safely – minimising consumption and preventing pollution.

Our longstanding commitments to use energy efficiently and minimise waste are increasingly of interest and value to our customers as they also seek to manage their own environmental footprints.

Our Targets
To deliver on these commitments and drive continuous improvement, we have established four non-GHG resource use targets to be achieved by the end of FY2024. These metrics build on previous success in improving efficiency and minimising waste.


- 5% reduction in water use in water stressed areas

- 10 Group-wide water reduction projects per year


- 5% reduction in total non-recyclable waste disposal


- 8 Group-wide packaging reduction projects per year

John Crane Rio Claro, Brazil, implemented an innovative packaging project that also benefits its local community. The site partnered with an organisation supporting recovering young addicts to create product packaging from refurbished wooden boxes. Old boxes are cleaned, repaired and labelled by the organisation and then passed to John Crane for packing and shipping to customers.
Our Smiths Detection Wiesbaden site uses harvested rainwater in toilets and for other purposes that do not require fresh water.