10 December 2018

Smiths Interconnect launches SpaceNXT Aurora hard metric backplane connectors


Smiths Interconnect announced the release of its SpaceNXT™ Aurora Series.

The newly released Aurora family of Hard Metric backplane connectors is part of Smiths Interconnect’s SpaceNXT™ initiative, creating a broad range of high-reliability connectivity solutions that are readily available to the market and are pre-tested and qualified for next generation space applications.

The SpaceNXT™ Aurora Series is specifically designed for LEO satellites

The new connectors have gone through extensive qualification testing to ESA ESCC 3401 specifications in order to validate today’s rigorous application requirements per customer and industry.

Paul Harris, VP of Sales & Marketing says, “Constellation programs demand technically superior connectivity solutions. Products currently on the market require expensive qualification testing and this cost is absorbed by the customer. By offering Aurora, Smiths Interconnect helps customers reduce their lead times, lower their cost of ownership, and increase their confidence that products will meet their specifications and needs.”

Smiths Interconnect is well equipped with the design experience, analysis tools and test equipment to qualify and produce flight-tested products that demonstrate compliance with customer requirements and national space agency standards.

For more information visit www.smithsinterconnect.com

Aurora Right Angle Connector 2

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