22 April 2002

Smiths Aerospace wins Airbus contract for A380 system

Smiths Aerospace has been awarded a contract by Airbus for the system which operates the landing gear on the A380 aircraft. This is the fourth contract secured by Smiths on the new superjumbo, an aircraft which is expected to generate lifetime revenues approaching $1 billion for Smiths.

Keith Butler-Wheelhouse, chief executive of Smiths Group, commented: "This shows the advantages of bringing together Smiths electronic systems activities with the former Dowty actuation systems business. We are now winning new business for integrated systems that we would not have won before the Smiths/TI Group merger."

Under this latest contract, Smiths Aerospace will supply the system to control the deployment and retraction of the main, nose and wing landing gears, including operation of associated door components. Following the development phase, production deliveries will start in 2006. The previous awards to Smiths for the A380 include sub-contracts for fabricated assemblies for the wing structure, and sub-systems for the landing gear mechanisms and operation of wing flaps & slats. Smiths Aerospace will also provide comprehensive product support following the A380's entry into service.


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