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11 October 2023

I was recently honoured to represent Smiths Group at the launch of the United Kingdom-Germany Hydrogen Partnership, signed at the British Embassy in Berlin by Germany’s State Secretary, Dr. Philipp Nimmermann, BMWK, and the UK’s Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance, Lord Martin Callanan of Low Fell.

This new hydrogen partnership will enhance closer co-operation and promote mutual trade and investment opportunities in both countries. Here's a short summary of the key elements of the partnership, which we believe will lead to myriad opportunities for companies like ours to participate in new, hydrogen-related, clean energy projects.

Five pillars of collaboration were agreed by the leaders with the aim of making hydrogen technologies cheaper and more accessible and lowering energy costs for consumers in the future:

  • Accelerating the deployment of hydrogen projects for industry and consumers;
  • Establishing international leadership on hydrogen markets, setting safety and regulations to aid trade;
  • Research and innovation on hydrogen, from production to end use;
  • Promoting trade for hydrogen, plus related goods, technologies and services; and
  • Joint market analysis, to support planning and investment by government and industry.

UK Department for Business and Trade Deputy Trade Commissioner for Europe, Kathryn Boyd, said that the new agreement aims to generate new opportunities for business – including UK supply chain companies such as Smiths Group. She said: “The UK and Germany have immense hydrogen trade potential, with both countries pursuing ambitious hydrogen policies. Our significant offshore wind capacity and growing market for low-carbon technologies paired with Germany’s large clean energy demands already see us cooperating closely, and we believe this agreement will help create even more synergies between our markets.

“In focusing on key issues such as standards, infrastructure and innovation, we aim for the benefits of this intensified cooperation to be realised across all areas of the supply chain and critical technology providers, such as Smiths Group, will have an important role to play.”

During the event my colleagues and I were able to exchange views with other industry leaders and key government officials on how to accelerate clean hydrogen’s deployment, which is critical to achieving ultimate carbon neutrality.

Smiths is proud to have participated in this important initiative which reiterates our commitment to being a key partner for hydrogen deployment in both countries. We look forward to building on the relationships forged at the event and continuing our close cooperation with existing customers, to help unlock the full potential of this new UK-German Hydrogen Partnership.

Diana Houghton is Group Head of Strategy at Smiths Group

Diana Houghton
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This new hydrogen partnership between Germany and the UK will enhance closer co-operation and promote mutual trade and investment opportunities in both countries

Diana Houghton
Group Head of Strategy
Hydrogen Launch
Hydrogen Launch Partnership

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