Our Divisions

All four of our divisions share common characteristics whilst operating across a range of end markets to provide a balanced portfolio.

  • John Crane division logo

    Provides mission critical flow control solutions for increased efficiency, emission reduction and energy transformation

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  • Smiths Detection division logo

    Detection and screening technologies for safety, security and the efficient movement of people and products

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  • Flek-Tek division logo

    High-performance engineered components and solutions that support the safe and efficient movement of fluids and gases

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  • Smiths Interconnect division logo

    High-speed, secure connectivity in critical applications

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FY22 Revenue

  • Revenue by division: John Crane 35%, Smiths Detection 26%, Flex-Tek 25%, Smiths Interconnect 14%
  • Revenue by market: General Industrial 42%, Safety & Security 31%, Energy 21%, Aerospace 6%