The strategy for each division within Smiths Group is tailored to its individual circumstances and takes account of trends in overall demand, specific customer needs, relative competitor performance, and underlying business models. In addition, we track the evolution of key Group-wide secular themes and trends and their impact on our business.

Our Purpose and commitment to sustainability leadership are reflected in our intent to prioritise ESG performance at Smiths. As a result, whilst each of these themes is important, we place additional emphasis on our response to those megatrends which relate to the energy transition agenda and the overall reduction of waste and energy use. This will allow us to leverage our unique capabilities to enable our customers to meet their sustainability goals while we deliver on our own commitments.

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General Industrial
  • Efficient, cleaner processes
  • Waste reduction, re-use/recycle
  • Safe operations
  • Equipment reliability
  • Asset life maximisation
  • Lightweight materials
Man looking at suitcase xray
Safety & security
  • Safe travel
  • Secure trade
  • Safe people
  • Secure places
  • Smart cities
  • Environmental urgency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lower emissions
  • Energy transformation
  • Air quality
Plane wing
  • Faster/seamless connectivity
  • Satellite applications
  • Personalised integrated mobility solutions