There are many possible futures for Smiths. We monitor megatrends to inform our strategy, which drives our innovation agenda so we can create the future.

Megatrends informing our strategy

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Increased digitisation & connectivity
  • Energy demands & efficiencies
  • Demand for talent
  • Mobility & globalisation
  • New business models
  • Innovation Framework
    Our Group-Wide Innovation Framework
Megatrends AI
Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI – the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour, learn from past iterations and enhance its capabilities and knowledge – is nascent but evolving rapidly and applications can already be found in many industries.


  • Our Digital Forge centre of excellence is supporting Group-wide progress in the application of AI
  • Our Smiths Detection CORSYS™ software platform leverages AI to enable our customers to make better informed decisions
  • Our John Crane Sense™ platform uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to monitor seal performance
Sky and satellite dish
Increased digitisation and connectivity

Converting information into digital formats supports connectivity, making products smarter and able to exchange information with other devices and platforms. This is driving new business models and value creative solutions for our customers.


  • Digital solutions are central to many of our products, e.g. software in Smiths Detection equipment,  John Crane’s predictive diagnostic sensors and Smiths Interconnect’s digital networks for space applications
  • We are close to our customers and offer cutting edge technological expertise
  • Our Digital Forge is helping to leverage software expertise across the Group
Megatrends energy
Energy demands and efficiencies

Energy demand is increasing worldwide, with estimated growth of 1.2%* per annum, and a changing mix with gas growing faster than oil. Environmental regulations and the need to reduce harmful emissions are also impacting the energy landscape.


  • We are focusing on technology and new product development that will enable a smarter, greener future, such as John Crane’s dry gas seals that help to reduce methane emissions
  • Customer intimacy enables us to jointly deliver solutions that meet specific needs
Megatrends - demand for talent - reflection in an eye
Demand for talent

Advances in technology, globalisation, demographic trends and competition are increasing the demand for specialised talent. Our People Plan is focused on building a learning organisation to attract, retain, develop, engage and inspire our people.


  • Our people are a sustainable source of competitive advantage and we are committed to enabling them to be the best they can be
  • We reward our colleagues for their contributions and enable them to share in our success. We aim to engage them so that they feel valued, supported, and driven to succeed
Megatrends - mobility and globalisation
Mobility and globalisation

The growth of infrastructures supporting travel and trade is creating a smaller world for people and goods. With this comes the need for enhanced security and speed of transaction.


  • We have a global footprint with operations in over 50 countries
  • Growth in air travel, urbanisation and global trade are key demand drivers for Smiths Detection and Flex-Tek
  • Applications at Smiths Interconnect support high speed trains and secure connectivity for aircraft and satellite communications
Megatrends new business models
New business models

Business models enabled by new technology will emerge and these require agile structures. Trends include customisation, new service models and the sharing economy. We are embracing this evolution to remain competitive and create new value propositions.


  • We are asset-light, helping us to be competitive and agile in a sustainable way
  • A high proportion of our revenue (49%) comes from aftermarket and services
  • Customer intimacy and technological expertise are key elements of the Smiths Excellence System, our shared operating model which drives excellence and innovation
Smiths amnitec
Our Group-Wide Innovation Framework
Our Group-wide innovation framework is used by the divisions to drive the innovation agenda, enabling us to stay at the cutting edge of knowledge and product development.