Introduction to Smiths

Who we are

We are Pioneers of Progress. For over 170 years, Smiths has been improving our world through smarter engineering. Our technology benefits millions of people every day – making travel safer, supporting sustainable energy transition, efficiently heating or cooling our homes, and helping our world stay connected.

Why invest in Smiths

Smiths is an intrinsically strong company with the potential for significant near and longer-term value creation.

  • Fundamentally strong business
  • Clear strategy to improving growth
  • Building momentum
  • Strong balance sheet
Pioneers of progress: our purpose, our strengths, our priorities
How we create value

The Smiths Value Engine connects our capabilities to our potential, enabling us to deliver value to our stakeholders on a sustainable basis. The Engine has three key components: Our Values and Purpose, Our Strengths, and Our Priorities.

Financial framework
Strong Financial Framework

Our Value Engine is supported by a simple and effective financial framework resulting in powerful financial output.

Division logos
Our Divisions

All of our divisions share four common characteristics:

  • World-class engineering businesses
  • Playing leading roles in critical markets
  • Global capabilities
  • With a robust financial framework of high levels of recurring revenues, high margins and low capital intensity