Ventilator Challenge UK

Smiths is proud to be a key member of the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium of technology and engineering businesses from across a range of industries, to produce medical ventilators for the UK. Smiths is providing the IP for the consortium to build our paraPAC plus™ ventilator alongside our own increased production. Smiths Medical’s paraPAC plus™ ventilator is a portable device which has been in use by the NHS for over 10 years.

You can find regular updates on the VentilatorChallengeUK Twitter page (@VentilatorU) and LinkedIn pages. Please also visit the website for more information

Hear from some of our amazing frontline workers manufacturing our paraPAC plus™ ventilators at the Smiths Medical site in Luton and find out why they’re #ProudtobeSmiths