Supporting our Communities

During the COVID-19 pandemic our aim has been to do what we can to serve and provide support which has a direct impact on our communities.

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Smiths Group India made a collective grant of more than £100,000 to Give India for two charities – Goonj and Oxfam – to provide essential welfare kits to families of five to six people for a month, including dry ration and hygiene supplies, hand-wash stations and safety kits at hospitals and health centres.

In the US, Smiths colleagues raised donations and donated food for Love and Hope in Action, an agency whose goal is to reduce hunger and mitigate serious health and safety risks for adults and families who are homeless in Martin County, Florida.

In China, Smiths Medical donated approximately £700,000 of medical equipment and supplies to more than 29 hospitals in the Hubei Province, including 610 syringe pumps, 24,000 needles, 24,000 Arterial Blood Sampling syringes and 80,300 PIVC (Peripheral Intravenous Cannula) products. The first donation – to Tongji hospital, part of the Huazhong University of Science and Technology – included 400 syringe pumps.

Smiths Medical also donated paraPAC plus™ ventilators, ventilator kits, PIVC products and masks to hospitals in Mexico, in the regions where it operates.

Smiths Medical donated paraPAC plus™ ventilators