Flex-Tek collaborated with leading medical technology organisations around the world to help save lives

Ventilator hoses

Flex-Tek increased its worldwide production of its ventilator hoses, which are vital components in the effective operation of ventilators by various global manufacturers.

Man sleeping using CPAP machine

Producing heating plates in China

Flex-Tek accelerated its production of heating plates in its Chinese operations. These heating plates are a critical part of some ventilators, helping to create humidity before air/water/gas passes to a patient. Flex-Tek’s design and manufacturing site in Changshu was able to produce up to 500 units per day.

Prioritising medical response

As part of its long running partnership with Greenheck, Flex-Tek prioritized duct heaters needed for medical response applications. Several duct heaters were shipped to heat New York City COVID-19 hospital tents.

Covid Tutco Hospital Tent

Supplying Medical Centre in New Jersey

The Flex-Tek team worked hard to supply air connectors to Holy Name Medical Center in New Jersey, supporting the temporary tents used for treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Woman working in lab