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Smiths Medical is dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals and providers to enhance patient outcomes and help save lives. We develop high quality, specialised medical devices and consumables that are found in hospitals, ambulances, homes and specialty care environments. They are used during critical and intensive care, surgery, post-operative care and for support in managing chronic illnesses. In hospitals around the world, doctors treat patients with confidence using our trusted medical devices designed to administer the safest and most effective treatment for a range of medical conditions.

A global presence

We sell our products in over 120 countries and have operations in over 30. Smiths Medical’s expertise provide lifesaving solutions for the world’s healthcare markets.

  • £874m
    2019 revenue
  • £147m
    2019 headline operating profit
  • 8,050
  • 120

“We enable customers to cost-effectively provide quality care, in hospitals, clinics and homes.”

Our markets

Infusion Systems products deliver medication for treating chronic conditions, in hospital and home settings. Smiths Medical is one of the market leaders in ambulatory infusion and have strong positions in the syringe pump market.

Vascular Access products protect healthcare workers and patients from both needlestick injury and hospital-acquired infection.

Vital Care products help manage patient airways before, during and after surgery.

Customers include hospitals, surgery centres, clinics, home care providers and other medical device manufacturers.



  • Ageing populations with increasing personalised healthcare and patient expectation/quality of life
  • Increasing incidence of chronic diseases
  • Increasing need for connected systems and data analytics
  • Growth of alternate site and home-based healthcare
  • Growing healthcare spend in developing markets

Our solutions

The areas of care we specialise in include general anaesthesia, critical care, oncology, cardiology, respiratory care, alternate care, pain management, veterinary, home care, emergency medicine, neonatal and paediatric critical care and regional anaesthesia.

Our solutions include airway management, interventional imaging, IV catheters, safety devices, vascular access, drainage systems, pain management, pressure monitoring, temperature management, ventilation, infusion, patient monitoring, respiratory and tracheostomy.

Our strategy

Our objective is to achieve category leadership in the Infusion Systems segment and in selected Vascular Access and Vital Care segments. We will build on our reputation for high-quality, innovative solutions, creating a portfolio of leading, effective and valued total solutions and services that drive sustained competitiveness and above-market growth in our chosen segments.

We will achieve this primarily through a pipeline of innovative organic developments, including investment in product development, manufacturing and supply chain optimisation, and efficiency gains in marketing and distribution models.

We will also continue to drive progress in higher-growth regions and new channels to market outside the hospital.


  • Continue the introduction of organically developed new products, to support core-market category leadership
  • Enter higher-growth, adjacent categories
  • Expand distribution and sales in non-acute and homecare channels
  • Increase penetration in higher-growth economies
  • Accelerate category scale and competitiveness
  • Continued focus on improving operational efficiency


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